Ultra Music Festival 2020 Europe

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The Ultimate Guide to Ultra Europe in 2020 – World Travel Toucan

If you’re looking for Ultra Europe festival tips, tricks, and advice, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re deciding to descend onto the town of Split or already have your tickets in hand, our Ultra Europe guide will hopefully help you plan your trip and make it a party holiday to remember!

Sun, beautiful people, great vibes, and mind-blowing EDM awaits you…

When is Ultra Europe?

This year Ultra Europe will take place on TBC July dates in 2020, with the island parties taking place on the days following the main Split 3-day festival.

Why should you go?

If you haven’t been to Ultra before and love electronic dance music, you’re definitely missing out.

Location: Unlike the muddy field festivals of Northern Europe, festivals in Croatia offer guaranteed sun, plenty of activities to do during the day and the ideal surroundings to wind down with a hangover after an active night of partying. Ultra Europe is set in the stunning town of Split, a historic fishing town full of character, with plenty of sites to visit during the day. The festival itself is located in Mladezi Park in the north of Split, a 15-minute walk from the old town center.

Atmosphere: If you’ve been to any of the Ultra festivals, you’ll know that they attract the best DJ’s in dance music, boasting insane stage displays and beautiful people from around the world who descend on the city to share their love for music. It’s truly something special. View 2020’s Ultra Europe line-up here.

Price: Ibiza, Miami, and Vegas are all top party and festival destinations but can be pretty pricey. Croatia is significantly cheaper for everything from accommodation and tickets to food and drink. Chances are, your holiday savings will go a lot further here. A central hostel during the festival costs an average of £40 per night but maybe cheaper if you book well in advance. The
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Check out the official Ultra Europe 2018 highlight reel to get a feel of Ultra Europe vibes!

How to get to Ultra Europe

Most UK airports fly to Split airport, which is only a 35-minute drive from the festival epicenter. Flights can be more expensive due to the demand during the festival so make sure to book in advance for the best prices as soon as you have your tickets. We recommend arriving the Wednesday or Thursday before the festival for cheaper flight prices and a chance to settle in and explore before Ultra starts.

An alternative to the Split airport would be to fly into Zadar, which is a 2 hour 30min drive north-west of Split. We recommend pairing your trip into Zadar with the famous Krka national park, staying in the town of Skradin for the night, and getting a local bus to Split for the festival the next morning. This may be a cheaper option – plus you get to see a cool National Park!

Best place to buy Ultra Europe tickets

The 3 main ticket re-sellers in the UK are:


*Ultra Europe Official

*Travel 2 Ultra

Although you’ll find all of the above websites to have the tickets listed for the same price (plus hefty fees), we’d recommend booking with Festicket due to their excellent customer service and regular discounts. Sign up to their newsletter and keep your eyes peeled. They also have a 5% student discount offer. If you time it right, you’ll be able to catch the Earlybird tickets at the start of the year. They’re the cheapest tickets available but the quantity is limited.

If you’re planning on staying in the Ultra Europe campsite, a Travel 2 Ultra package deal may be cheaper. Again, check their social media and discount code websites for a promo code to save more money.

Where’s the best place to stay for Ultra Europe?

During our years attending Ultra, we’ve stayed at both the campsite and a more central Split town location. Personally, we think that a central apartment is the most affordable option for groups of 2 or more and a hostel is the best option for solo travelers.

Here are all of the Ultra Europe accommodation options available:

Central Split apartment

Staying in a rented apartment in the center of Split is the most convenient and comfortable place to stay when attending the festival. Most locations are within walking distance of the festival in the north, you have a quiet place to nurse your hangover (or pre-drink) and they can be relatively cheap if you book months in advance.

We recommend using Booking.com, looking at their map search feature, and then choosing somewhere within walking distance of the Mladezi Park festival grounds (view on the map here). The marina or old-town square area of Split is the best place to stay in our opinion. Many apartments can be reserved without having to pay until closer to your stay and you can cancel them if you find somewhere better.

Compare Split apartment rentals on Booking.com here or use the handy map below to pick a nearby apartment.


Hostels are another cheap option and ideal for single travelers or small groups. It’s likely that the Hostel you choose will be full of young party-goers getting ready for Ultra and it’s a great way to make friends and get into the swing of the Ultra atmosphere. We’d recommend choosing the CroParadise Pink/Green/Blue hostel group. Each building is a short walk from the old town center of Split and the stadium venue. A top-rated, central hostel during the festival costs an average of £40 per night but book quickly as spaces sell fast.

Official Beachville Campsite

Unlike the muddy and dirty campsites you see at UK festivals (we know…it’s part of the experience), Beachville is an excellent holiday campsite on a much smaller scale. It offers beach huts (these can be quite expensive) or standard multi-man tents for rental and has a fully functioning restaurant, beach area, a DJ, showers, and static toilets. It’s a big step forward from festival campsites which you may be thinking in the UK and it’s a good chance to meet people from all over the world and share your Ultra experience together.

The only downside to the campsite is the long distance from the festival stadium – it can take up to 2 hours in busy traffic to get to Ultra on an evening so we recommend leaving as early as you can during the day to beat the crowds.

The Ultra Europe 2020 Festival Venue – Mladezi Park

Since the launch of Ultra Europe in 2013, it was hosted at Split’s football stadium, Poljud. As the festival has grown, it’s demanded a larger area to host the crowds and 2019 was the first year that Ultra Europe took place in Mladezi Park. In our opinion after visiting both locations, Mladezi Park is definitely larger and easy to get to than the stadium, and that’s where Ultra will be hosted in 2020.

The festival itself is split into two areas. One area hosts the Ultra main stage, which is as electric and dramatic as always, surrounded by bars on either side of the floor area. There’s then another area of the festival grounds that host multiple bars, a food-court area, mini UMF Radio Stage, and the indoor Resistance Stage that’s lit up with strobe lights and lasers. Explore them all for a different atmosphere in each!

Should I do the Ultra Europe island parties?

Ultra Beach – Hvar

Ultra Beach party takes place on the island of Hvar on the Tuesday after the festival and is hosted at the 5 stars Amfora Beach Resort. Starting in the afternoon and finishing at 12am, this massive pool party has a different vibe to the main festival and is worth a visit.

We’d recommend arriving on Hvar the day before to get ready and stay in a nearby apartment. The island is small so as long as you stay in the main port area, the party should be within a short walk or taxi ride. Ferries to Hvar depart from the split at least 4 times a day and are very cheap.

On the downside, tickets and drinks at Ultra Beach party can be very expensive (think Vegas/Ibiza) and averaged 10+ euros for a spirit and mixer in previous years.

Ultra Resistance Closing Party – Vis

Picture this. It’s 1 am, you have a beer in your hand whilst dancing under the moonlight to your favorite DJ as fireworks light up the sky. Best of all, you’re partying in the historic Fort George, built-in 1815.

The Resistance Ultra closing party on the island of Vis is the final of the festival and it’s very impressive. Many of the Ultranauts drop out by the closing party as the island can be difficult to get to, especially if you were in Hvar the night before for the closing party.

The best way of getting to Vis for the party is to find a group of people willing to share a private speedboat transfer from Hvar. The alternate route being a ferry back to Split and then transfer to Vis, but this long journey can be difficult on a hangover and little sleep. Is the closing party worth visiting? We think so.

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