When you feel tired and need extra energy, you grab a can of energy drink. What Monster has the most caffeine many are curious about? But have you ever felt about how much caffeine you consume in a single energy beverage? If you’re in a trend of taking Monster Energy, this piece lets you know the list of five Monster Energy drinks and the caffeine quantity they are keeping. Let’s begin.

A Monster with the most caffeine is Java Monster 300 Triple Shot

Java Monster 300 Triple Shot falls under the Java Monster line but comes with the added caffeine. This milk-based coffee drink has 300 mg of caffeine, the highest caffeine quantity of all Monster Energy beverages. Besides, the liquid contains three shots of espresso and has flavors like French Vanilla and Mocha. As Java Monster 300 includes a high level of caffeine content, it is recommended only to healthy adults who can tolerate caffeine sensitivity.

Mega Monster Energy Drink has a higher amount of caffeine

Monster Energy has mentioned that the Classical Monster Energy Drink includes 80 mg caffeine and 27 grams of sugar per serving. This caffeine quantity is equivalent to 160 mg per 16 ounces can. Also, Mega Monster Energy Drink has 240 mg of caffeine and 81 grams of sugar. Mega Monster is simply an extreme variation of the classic Monster Energy Drink. A regular Monster can include two servings, whereas a Mega Monster has three servings per can.

MAXX Drink another strong caffeinated Monster

Monster Maxx is the recent rebranding of the original Monster Nitrous line, which was later called Monster Extra Strength. Monster Energy MAXX drinks come with 16.67 mg of caffeine per fl oz, so 12 fl oz contains 200 mg caffeine. Some of the ingredients used in Monster Energy MAXX Drink are Carbonated And Nitrogenated Water, Glucose, Sucrose, and Citric Acid. Besides, Monster Max has various flavors such as Super Dry, Rad Red, and Mango Matic.

Monster Energy Import Energy Drink
Monster Energy Drink was initially developed and released in the UK and Europe. Then, it was imported in the US and branded the beverage as Monster Import. Now, the beverage is available around the world in various sizes. It contains 179 mg caffeine per 18.6 fl oz, and the caffeine amount appears to be consistent. The Monster Import consumers experience the beverage as crisper and less sweet taste.

Monster Rehab Energy Drink

Monster Rehab is a non-carbonated energy drink with an iced tea from Monster Beverages. This beverage contains a small amount of juice and brewed tea, and the usual Monster energy blend. It has 170 mg of caffeine in flavors like Raspberry Tea, Lemonade, and Orangeade, whereas the beverage contains 160 mg of caffeine in Peach Tea. Besides, the UK, Australia, and NZ Rehab include 500ml cans having no more than 160mg of caffeine per can.

If you think you cannot survive without caffeine intake through energy beverages, especially without Monster Energy drink, you must take care of your caffeine serving per day. Monster Energy drink has an extreme caffeine level, and 400 mg of caffeine consumption is not healthy per day. So, track your caffeine intake as many food items naturally contain caffeine in them.