Liquid Help; Energy Drink (Shake That Frooty) (Case of 24)


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When you need some Help. Liquid Help®, doesn’t put medically understudied ingredients into the beverages. Help Energy drink gets the job done helping you out with Amazing Flavor and Mojo. Liquid Help Energy blend of ingredients delivers a strong impact and efficacy to help your day or night run smoothly kicking you into high speed. The Shake That Frooty® flavor consists of a combination of Pineapple, Guava, and Mango formulated with no sugars yet giving a great flavor without the side effect of horrid aftertaste.


  • 300 mg of caffeine (plant extracted)
  • NO Sugar, No Aspartame or sugar alcohols (no aftertaste, no gas)
  • Zero Calories
  • B-Vitamins Our Special Blend That Doesn’t Trigger Anxiety or Inhibit Your Natural production (plant-based)
  • Premium NATURAL Flavors
  • Vegan 100%
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic
organic natural veg product labels set designsugar free energy drinkgluten free energy drink


Recommended Use: Serving size 1 can.

Warning: Do not use it if your pregnant or nursing unless permitted by your physician (you can show your physician this documentation click here – . This item contains caffeine and ought not to be utilized with some other caffeine-containing items. This item is planned for use by sound people as it were. One must not consume this product if one is taking any prescription drug or medication.

An excessive amount of caffeine may cause apprehension, fractiousness, restlessness, and, sporadically, a fast heartbeat. Not suggested for use by kids under 18 years old. One can of Liquid Help® gives 300 mg of caffeine, which is a few cups of coffee.

Exposure: These announcements have not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration. This item isn’t proposed to analyze, treat, fix, or forestall any sickness.

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24 reviews for Liquid Help; Energy Drink (Shake That Frooty) (Case of 24)

  1. Troy

    This flavor is delicious and the drink gave me a lot of energy for hours. Looking forward to getting more.

  2. Andrew Cappannelli

    Awesome! Makes me feel energized with no after affects! Will continue to purchase!

  3. Lavender H

    Very tasty energy drink and keeps me fueled during my long 12 hour work shift , I prefer it to drinking coffee in the afternoon.

  4. Jimmy Taylor

    OMG!!!Finally!!! This is what I was looking for. 3 words: give me more! I got hooked with the first gulp. This would wake the dead with an amazing flavor. I’m stocking up my home. Thank you Liquid Help!

  5. Theodore Zurla

    Help is the best energy drink on the market today! This hidden gem is loaded w 300 mgs of caffeine and offers the best flavors that I ever tasted in ANY energy drink.

  6. s0pgJw2BTJ

    Love the flavor of this energy drink. I purchased a pre-order from the owner last week. The drink gave me a lot of energy while at work. I work as a stockbroker and need a lot of energy as it is so important for my job success. I sip this drink at work, there is no after taste which I love. Thanks, Sean and I wish you the best of luck

  7. Boglarka

    Everybody needs HELP
    because of my job i travel a lot and i don’t have time for rest but i don’t need it since i tried this energy drink!
    This a big HELP !

  8. Joe Vincent

    This drink is awesome, tastes great and gave me an incredible amount of energy to work as a realtor in New York City. I highly recommend this drink.

  9. Catherine Kendall

    This energy drink is amazing. My girls and I pre-ordered it after seeing it on Instagram. We were all out in Miami Beach Florida for a bachelorette weekend. Sean the owner set us up with a wholesale price on a 24 pack case of the energy drink Shake that Frooty. Thanks again Sean, we wish you good fortune and we all loved the drink especially with vodka. We will be ordering more.

  10. Andrew

    I’m very satisfied because I have diabetes and every other sugar free energy drink taste awful.
    This is the first sugar free energy drink what I like the taste

  11. Greg

    Honestly I wasn’t a fan of energy drinks until I came across liquid help. Pre workout is the only thing I drink now the product is straight to the point and easy to love

  12. Samantha

    Omg this is incredible
    Since I been drink this HELP I’m faster than everyone in the gym!
    HELP me a lot

  13. Steve

    I was very skeptical about this product I’m pleasantly disappointed
    Taste is very very good no sugar plus give me energy everything is in this bottle what I need

  14. Corey

    omg this is delicious finally a good product with no sugar great energy and that taste amazing

  15. Benjamin silver

    My new favorite !!! this drink has the best flavor no aftertaste and gives you great pump super excited about the no aftertaste can’t wait to try the other flavor

  16. Julie D’Abruzzo

    The drinks tasted amazing and gave me so much energy!!! Can’t wait to get more!

  17. Cara

    Great tasting and effective drink! Gave me the Help I need to get thru my high intensity interval training workout

  18. Anita Miklos

    This the best what I drink!! I love it!

  19. Oscar Sanchez

    The taste is amazing! I never really like energy drinks taste like Red Bull or monster, I drink it for energy but finally HELP taste really good, keeps me focused, and no crash! Will be ordering more!

  20. Audrey Pelletier

    Great taste & give me great energy for the day & especially for my workout ! Love it!

  21. Victoria

    I got this drink and it is one of the best tasting and keeps me going!!! Not like some of the Energy drinks were it as u going then u want to crash this not not like that at all!! Must try

  22. Tina Deak

    It’s a amazing product
    I’m work out every day and it’s give me a lot of energy and taste so good

  23. Keith

    The drink is amazing. It gave me a nice kick start to my day and taste great. I will keep getting my cases of help rom this place.

  24. Bianka Nyitrai

    Definitely this is the best energy drink I’ve ever had in my life.
    Finally this drink give me energy and the taste is the best!

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