Low Testosterone in Men Why it’s bad

The medical term for low testosterone in men is Hypogonadism and is a general medical disorder. About 32 percent of the men over the age of 45 are affected with low testosterone and as you age the prevalence of it rises with age. Research presents that by the time a man hits the age of 80 and older half of them with low testosterone. Help energy drinks have been ranked among the best energy drinks on the market. Apart from being helpful, as their name implies, to restore your energy when you are running low on it, Help energy drinks are so refreshing and tasty you will simply love them! These energy drinks also help to improve your immune system and focus. They contain a safe amount of caffeine, and absolutely no artificial colors and sugars.

It is vital that men have testosterone because this is what is liable for the development of the male reproductive tissues and why a man has the strength they do, the body mass, deep voice and more. It will also support a man to built protein, have right functioning of their liver, generate blood cells, and help with metabolism. It is also what is liable for a man’s sexual behavior such as their sex drive and production of sperm.

As you can view, testosterone is very vital to men if the levels are not where they should be it can lead to many bad effects and issues. Men with low testosterone levels can have sudden mood changes, muscle strength, erectile dysfunction, that is fatigue, depleted, loss of focus, increased irritability, and much more.

What causes a man to have a low testosterone level could be due to lots of different factors. Getting older is one of the big causes of low testosterone. The general production of testosterone can be destroyed if the man had mumps that lead to the inflammation of their testes. If a man has had radiation and testicular cancer or chemotherapy was used as a type of treatment. There could be external injury to their tests and scrotum resulting in the production of testosterone level is.

The test is best if it is performed in the morning hours as this is when testosterone levels are the highest. During the day the levels can drop by as much as 30 percent. The amazing thing about best energy drink is that they change radically in taste, nutritional value and strength. Most of this information you can find on the packaging of the drink itself.

If their level is very low the doctor can treat it using Testosterone Replacement therapy. This kind of treatment comes in the types of gels, injections, skin patches, and oral medications. A man can also help to rise his testosterone level by making changes to his lifestyle such as making sure he is exercising on daily basis, is quitting smoking, restricting how much alcohol he is drinking, and starting to eat healthier.

It is very necessary to try and right this issue so if you notice you have any of the symptoms, view your doctor to be tested so treatment can be started right away because it can take up to 3 months to decrease the symptoms and get their testosterone level to where it should be.