With time, people are getting more concerned about fitness and health. Unwanted weight gain is a big problem for many people around the globe. This unintentional weight gain can be because of various reasons and can lead to serious health problems. Although there are many exercises, yoga programs, training sessions, and diet plans to lose excessive weight; yet, many people fail to meet the target and end up being disappointed. Lemon water is an instant and effective solution for steady weight loss, and many nutritionists suggest this drink. In this article, we will discuss the effectiveness of lemon water drinks.

Nutritional value of Lemon

Lemon is good for weight loss as it contains fewer calories and more vitamins that fulfill the body’s needs. It is a citrus fruit that has enriched Vitamin C. Other than Vitamins, it contains a perfect amount of ions, including zinc, selenium, niacin, iron, copper, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. Moreover, it also includes carbohydrates and proteins.

How effectively does Lemon water help in losing weight?

Lemon water is a perfect weight loss drink that contains fewer calories. Imagine squeezing half lemon in a glass of hot or cold water. It will have only six calories but significant ions, proteins, carbohydrates, etc., that give a fuller feel. If you take this lemon water with your meal, it reduces the calorie consumption of the food. On the other hand, this drink keeps the body hydrated all the time.

Water balance in the body is necessary to keep the body’s functions smooth. The deficiency of water is another reason behind weight gain. The human body contains 60% water that helps to maintain body functions. Many researchers have suggested that more water intake improves the efficiency of your body functions, including burning fats. Thus, if water is deficient, the body fails to perform functions properly.

Lemon water helps in reducing weight in the following ways.

It suppresses appetite

According to Malina Jampolis, certified physician nutritionist, hunger is triggered by dehydration, and humans can control appetite by drinking water. If you add Lemon to the water, it provides proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and ions that give a fuller feel and reduces food intake. This drink is better than a crash diet or low-calorie diet as it provides all essential nutrients to the body. Thus, you do not feel low or weak.

It stimulates metabolism

The lemon water intake improves the body’s metabolism. It improves the efficiency of mitochondria that provides energy for the body’s functions. Moreover, it gives a boost to thermogenesis- a process that burns excessive fat.

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