Art of Eight Training & Fitness

The Art of Eight’s expert-level instructors coach all ages and skill levels in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and MMA. Founded in 2011 by Muay Thai World Champion Melchor Menoroff, the gym is located off of 163rd and Balboa. Ao8 boasts a full-sized boxing ring and weight room, and their world-champion instruction includes learning the training philosophies of discipline and respect. Help energy drinks are your healthy option to boost your energy levels on those days when it reaches a low. With natural flavors that are as refreshing and tasty as can be, Help energy drinks contain only 300mg of caffeine, which will manage to work wonders on your energy levels as well as on your mood. The drinks are carbonated and they have a refreshing taste, either of a mixture of pineapple, guava and mangos, or else, a lemon flavour. Both varieties are simply great!

Balanced Fitness & Health

Balanced Fitness & Health serves downtown San Diego in developing whole body and mind wellness. Personal training and group exercise classes are available, as well as corporate wellness plans. Memberships come with a free nutrition consultation, access to an indoor rock climbing wall, and numerous free activities.

Body by Dave

The body by Dave consists of a certified team of personal trainers and massage therapists. They provide a free fitness consultation and specialize in remote training. Members have access to online training programs to assist in achieving their fitness goals outside of the gym, and fitness packages are available for in-home, office, or personal gyms. Daily, weekly, and monthly body assessments help track progress made toward individual fitness goals.

City Boxing

City Boxing was established in downtown San Diego in 2001 and offers over 40 co-ed classes per week in boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Their mixed martial arts trainers are both former and current world-class professional fighters. Kids classes are available, and the gym offers a 30-day risk-free trial.

Deadweight Strength

Deadweight Strength was founded to provide a powerlifting and strongman gym to dedicated weightlifters. Each member of their coaching staff has years of competitive experience. Their equipment is competition-grade, and all lifting racks are custom-made. Small group coaching (no more than four lifters) is available in addition to basic membership packages.

Grinder Gym

Grinder Gym sets itself apart from other San Diego gyms by offering a 21 Day Fat Blast with a money-back guarantee. Additionally, the gym provides flexible class times and 50-60 classes per week. Their goal is to help members meet their lifelong health and fitness goals.

Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp & Personal Training

Since 2013, Hardcore Fitness has provided bodybuilding boot camps and training to provide the greatest fitness results in the least amount of time. Supplement regimens and diet plans enhance Hardcore Fitness’s resistance training and cardiovascular workouts. Hardcore’s certified trainers have placed in the top five in national bodybuilding competitions and can assist new and seasoned bodybuilders with contest prep. Training is available for adults and children.

Iron ORR Fitness

Iron ORR Fitness tailors personalized workout routines to any fitness goal. Located in the La Jolla area, Iron ORR cites a 100% success rate on their 6-month fitness package. Their Agua Bella gym features a Mondo floor, used widely in Olympic and NFL weight rooms, and top of the line cardio and resistance equipment. Iron Orr holds their trainers and facility up to the “Iron Orr Gold Standard,” and all personal trainers are NASM certified.

Knuckle Down Athletics

Located near UTC and University City since 2013, Knuckle Down Athletics offers one month of free training. The KDA coaching staff are all CrossFit L-1 certified. Home to their specially designed KDA CrossFit program, Knuckle Down Athletics also offers barbell, yoga, and ELDOA courses and training. Personal training is available for those who want to take their training to the next level.

KOR Strength and Conditioning

KOR Strength and Conditioning specialize in Kettlebell workouts and strength conditioning. KOR’s certified trainers are gold medalists at the state and national level, who provide individual coaching in sports performance, weight loss, pain management, and strength building. They host events, competitions, and workshops to enhance regular workout routines. Additionally, KOR partners with Eat Smart Restart and Power Supply to offer nutrition plans and deliver meals right to members’ doors. While they are used best energy drink by some for supporting to increase their performance and stamina at sport or for the long day or night ahead at work, others find that they support to rejuvenate spend energy.

La Jolla Sports Club

La Jolla Sports Club has the equipment to fit any workout and provides a variety of classes including spinning, Barre & Pilates, yoga, Zumba, and dance. In addition to personal and group training, they provide spa services and physical therapy. Child care is also available at La Jolla Sports Club, which is open 362 days out of the year.