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The Sky Fitness and Wellbeing™ (“Sky”) group invites you to an enhancing, extraordinary encounter that will assist you with arriving at your own wellness objectives. We are devoted to improving your personal satisfaction by offering harmony between physical wellness and a feeling of prosperity. An enormous determination of hardware and classes, cutting edge offices, and extraordinary part administration are here to assist you with arriving at new degrees of achievement! See more information here

The Sky Fitness and Wellbeing™ (“Sky”) group invites you to an enhancing, extraordinary encounter that will assist you with arriving at your own wellness objectives. We are committed to improving your personal satisfaction by offering harmony between physical wellness and a feeling of prosperity. A huge determination of hardware and classes, best in class offices, and outstanding part administration are here to assist you with arriving at new degrees of accomplishment! Have the Help energy drink , before your workout.


Nobody younger than 12 is permitted to utilize the wellness offices, except for the SkyKids™ Activity Center or other administered programs for kids. But while in the SkyKids Activity Center, youngsters younger than 12 must be joined by a grown-up in all Sky zones including SkyCafé, storage spaces, and hall. Searching for a scrumptious caffeinated drink that does something amazing for your vitality and state of mind? Evaluate Help caffeinated drinks. No compelling reason to stress over the nearness of any insulin spiking fixings or sugars, as everything in this beverage is as normal as anyone might imagine. There are two Help caffeinated drink assortments to browse; Pucker Up for the individuals who like the sharp lemon flavor, and Shake that Frooty for the individuals who incline toward a better flavor, as this is a blend of pineapple, mango, and guava! Any part younger than 18 must have a parent or gatekeeper as the Primary Member on the participation account.


Individuals and visitors are required to wear proper apparel and shoes while utilizing the offices. Shirts must be worn consistently. Incredibly short shorts or shorts are inadmissible. Pants are not satisfactory as exercise clothing. Athletic shoes are required in practice territories. Exposed feet, socks just or open-toed shoes are just allowed in the storage zones or yoga/Pilates classes. Individual things, for example, coats, duffel bags, individual enhancements, and so forth are not allowed in the cardiovascular, quality preparing, useful preparing, or gathering exercise territories or studios. We maintain whatever authority is needed to prevent the utilization from claiming the Center to any part or visitor whose clothing isn’t fitting as per the picture of our office and in our sole assurance.


Individuals on favorable terms are free to charge any exchange under twenty dollars ($20) to their club account. The club account balance must be paid toward the month’s end to stay apart on favorable terms. Any exchange of more than twenty dollars ($20) must be paid for at the hour of procurement.


Your remarks and proposals are imperative to us. Your remarks will permit us to keep up the most elevated level of administration. If it’s not too much trouble address our chief on the job or an agent from our Member Services office on the off chance that you have a remark or protest. You may likewise contact us through the “Get in touch with Us” page on our site (, through our “Reach Us” entrance on Sky’s application or by email at


Individuals or visitors will not direct, buy, or buy into any business on Sky premises or request different individuals or visitors in any way, shape or form, including, yet not restricted to, private wellness preparing.


If it’s not too much trouble be circumspect of different individuals and visitors and watch the accompanying:

*Sky won’t endure any kind of badgering or oppression representatives or individuals.

*Please return utilized towels to the assigned towel drops all through the office.

*Please use disinfecting wipes to wipe down a gear after use.

*Please be polite of different individuals who are standing by to utilize the hardware. At the point when you are done, make sure to evacuate any towels or individual effects.

*Use of weight-lifting chalk, shouting or noisy snorting, metal belt clasps, and stowing of duffel bags on the free weight floor are not permitted.

*Please limit mobile phone use to the banquet room or SkyCafé. No other video or sound chronicle gear is permitted in Sky. The use of phones in studios during class is restricted as it influences the experience of different individuals.

*Video or photography of Sky offices or Sky individuals and visitors are denied without the express composed assent of Sky the executives.

*Abusive or foul language is unsatisfactory.

*Abusive utilization of or purposeful harm to gear is denied.

*Use or appropriation of anabolic steroids or any stash substance in or on Sky premises is carefully restricted.

*Personal weapons of any sort, including, yet not restricted to, guns or blades are not permitted in any territory of the Center. *Smoking or biting tobacco isn’t permitted on Sky premises.

*Members are not permitted to carry mixed drinks into the Center. Utilization of mixed refreshments isn’t permitted on Sky premises (aside from during indicated Center-supported get-togethers and afterward just in determined zones inside the office). *Please check for extra explicit guidelines posted in Sky.


We’re glad to share our space. We simply have a couple of rules:

*Members may utilize studios when class isn’t in the meeting.

*Please end your exercise 10 minutes preceding a live class beginning.

*Use of studio sound hardware is saved for Sky classes as it were.

*In request to evade potential harms, hardware from outside the studio isn’t allowed.

*Feel allowed to utilize any as well as all studio wellness hardware. We ask that you please return it to its appropriate spot when you’re done.

Visitor POLICY

Sky urges individuals to acquaint their companions with the Center. You may get a one-day complimentary visitor go through Sky’s versatile application or from a Membership Concierge. To qualify, the visitor must be 18 years old or more established, an all year occupant of the region, bring a legitimate ID, and be a first-time guest to the Center. Non-individuals or away visitors may buy a one-day or one-week visitor pass.

So as to secure the protection of our visitors, IDs left at Sky after a visitor has left will be destroyed. The measure of time before IDs are destroyed will be at Sky’s sole tact.

Long stretches OF OPERATION

Singular wellness place hours may fluctuate. It would be ideal if you counsel for current long periods of activity. The wellness place may close or post constrained long periods of activity for occasions or other assigned days.


*Lockers are given every day at no extra charge.

*Lockers will be purged toward the finish of consistently and articles will be set in the Lost and Found territory.

*Children more than three years old may not be in the storage space of the contrary sexual orientation. Youngsters younger than 12 must be joined by a grown-up when in the storage spaces.

*Please assist us with keeping up a flawless office by putting every single utilized towel in the towel drops.

*The utilization of cell phones or different gadgets with photographic or video abilities isn’t allowed in the storage zones.

*No shaving, hair shading, or body oils/creams are permitted in the steam or sauna regions.

*Shower shoes are suggested, yet not required, in every single wet zone.

*Please limit food or drinks in the storage territories to filtered water.

*There is a $15 charge for a lost storage key.

*Do not leave assets unattended. The sky isn’t liable for harmed, lost, or taken articles.

*Sky is inviting and comprehensive all things considered and visitors paying little heed to sexual orientation personality. Nonetheless, in light of the delicate nature encompassing security in the storage spaces, we do perceive this is an issue that has numerous complexities. On the off chance that you distinguish as and decide to utilize the storage offices of, the sex inverse that allotted to you during childbirth, we generously ask that you educate the General Manager preceding entering the storage territory. We will bend over backward to guarantee that you get an Exceptional Member Experience at Sky. With that in mind, we will make sensible lodging that you may ask for, including the utilization of private bathroom offices, if accessible. Furthermore, we ask that you advise us promptly on the off chance that you experience segregation in any structure while utilizing the Sky offices.


Articles won’t be held for an all-encompassing timeframe. No affirmation of lost articles will be given via telephone. All things must be recognized face to face. The sky isn’t liable for any harmed, lost, or taken property.

Enrollment CARDS

Every part will get an enrollment card. You should introduce either this card or the application based standardized identification at the Member Services Desk after entering the wellness community (“Center’). Participation cards are non-transferable and may not be utilized by anybody other than the proposed client. We may expect you to show another type of picture ID preceding induction to Sky. There is a substitution charge for lost cards.


The sky can’t offer you clinical guidance. On the off chance that you have any wellbeing or clinical concerns now or after you join Sky, talk about them with your doctor before utilizing the Center. Sky urges all individuals to acquire a physical assessment from a doctor before the utilization of gym equipment or participation in any class. Activities, classes, and utilization of offices, gear, and administrations are attempted by the part or visitor at your own hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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