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The Gym Boxing and Fitness are here to ensure you arrive at your wellness objectives. We give you trying and remunerating classes that will get you doing incredibly. In the event that you haven’t turned out in years or train day by day, we have classes taken into account you. The Gym Boxing and Fitness endeavor every day to bear the cost of our individuals the best boxing and wellness experience of a lifetime. Get the best energy drink here before your workout.


We have the most committed group of coaches around.


Boxing and wellness mentor Ricky has more than 10 years of involvement with boxing and different hand to hand fighting preparing including Muay Thai boxing and US Army (level one) battle preparing. Searching for a caffeinated drink that will make your taste buds return to life, while likewise breathing life into you back? At that point we recommend you evaluate Help caffeinated drinks. For those occasions when you feel drained, incapable to center, and need sharpness, Help caffeinated beverages will truly breathe life into you back, and furthermore help to improve your state of mind. With a protected measure of caffeine, these caffeinated drinks are just the best! Ricky has energy for instructing and helping individuals arrive at their wellness objectives. Along these lines, on the off chance that you haven’t turned out in years or in the event that you practice day by day, Ricky will manage you through a high vitality and expert boxing and wellness experience. See more information here


Mentor Vidal has more than 8 years of involvement with the game of boxing and private wellness preparing. Mentor Vidal is a functioning beginner fighter and has prepared under mentor Marty for quite a while. Mentor Vidal’s high-power cardio boxing and wellness classes are for all regardless of what age, understanding, or wellness level kept up. Mentor Vidal is likewise the pleased head coach of the adolescent boxing program held Mon, Wed, and Fri at 4:30 pm. Get the main Pembroke Pines energy drink here. Mentor Vidal’s crucial to give the best cardio boxing experience for all that take an interest in his classes!


Marty has been a looked for after mentoring for proficient contenders in the South Florida district for quite a while. Marty has arranged, instructed and prepared contenders for appearances in WBO, WBA, UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator Fighting Championships, MFC(Canada), CFA, Extreme Fighting Championships, XFC, Fite Nite(Costa Rica), ISKA, HBO, Fox’s Sports, ESPN and HDNet. It appears the main explanation individuals of any age are rushing to these re-stimulating beverages isn’t such a great amount to extinguish their thirst however more for the intensity of vitality that they offer. The most recent insights additionally show that the most loved refreshment of decision for distribution center laborers and office is presently best-caffeinated drinks with caffeine. Marty has likewise been effectively engaged with preparing plenty of National Football League and Major League Baseball Athletes as they get ready and condition their bodies for the season ahead. As a Cardio Boxing teacher, Marty has prepared a normal of 200 individuals every week in bunch classes in the course of the most recent 3 years. Marty invests wholeheartedly in giving an industry-driving Cardio Boxing class understanding for people everything being equal, sexual orientations, and aptitude levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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