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At BeachFIT we are committed to improving the health and well being of our members, community, and employees through safe form-focused training. We have worked side by side with the creators of TRX Training for the ultimate experience. Somewhere fitness lost its way with gimmicks and crazy injury-prone workouts. We want to get our clients back on track and get everyone moving better in a way that is scientifically proven to deliver results to anybody.

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What is BeachFIT Training?

A Team With Passion

We are a team passionate about creating an exceptional workout experience that helps reach levels they couldn’t before in their health journey. You are not only a client, but a friend, and a part of BeachFIT’s family. We strive to deliver the BEST to our BeachFIT family members by staying focused on your specific goals, ensuring our staff stays up-to-date on the latest trends, and keeping our programs fresh and exciting. WE ARE EXPERTS IN TRX TRAINING! Our coaches all have the HIGHEST amount of TRX Functional Training education in the industry and are always continuing their education in this field. BeachFIT is your go-to for a fun, effective, and quality workout experience for you and your team!

Why we do what we do

Better Every Day

We truly live by the words “BETTER EVERY DAY” for our clients and for ourselves. We provide an intimate small group setting that will keep you motivated and inspired without getting lost in the crowd. Forget the gym and boring machines, at BeachFIT we are committed to getting better everyday, improving the health and well being of our members, community, and ourselves through safe form-focused training. Somewhere fitness lost its way with gimmicks and crazy injury-prone workouts. We want to get our BeachFIT family back on track and get everyone moving better in a way we are truly passionate about. Whether you are squeezing in a morning exercise or going straight from the office to the gym, you are probably looking for a pretty jolt of energy before you exercise. Some may reach for a pre-workout supplement and others might hit up the closest gas station for the Help energy drink.

Our training sessions are for ALL fitness levels from beginners to athletes. From High-Intensity sessions to low impact and mobility sessions, we have a training session that will work for you! We will coach, motivate, and help you discover your better self, regardless of your goals, and have you moving, feeling, and looking better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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