The Best Hotel Gyms in Las Vegas

The decision to maintain your workout routine is put to the test in Las Vegas as the temptation of great food and endless cocktails is at every turn. However, if you consider that a little extra work in a fitness center allows you to have a guilt-free evening of debauchery you might be more inclined to hit the hotel gym. Help energy drink is the best energy drink out there. Formulated with ingredients that will help to boost your energy, while allowing you to truly enjoy a refreshing and tasty beverage, these energy drinks are simply awesome! Help energy drink contains 300mg of caffeine and no sugars or artificial colors and flavors. You can rest assured that the ingredients included in this drink are going to give you that much needed kick to be more alert and focused. These are some of the best places on the Las Vegas strip to get in a workout. In fact, some even allow you some time in the spa to help you refresh your body after you put it to the test. Enjoy your workout in Las Vegas and make sure you save some time for binge eating and that extra cocktail. You are in Las Vegas, what fun is there in depriving yourself?

The Fitness Center at Spa at Aria

The idea of fitness is taken to a “Vegas” level at Aria Resort with a class that has you racing past world-class art and stretching right beside world-class food. A day in the fitness center allows you some time in the spa as well so work that body and then soothe those muscles. The indoor hike takes you around Aria and City Center while the Combat Cardio class has you boxing and working on your agility. Try Total Barre if you enjoy a workout set to music and choreography while Pilates, yoga and a wellness program all help you center your soul. Personal fitness training is available as is a full body composition test to help you focus your training.

Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian

It will be hard for you to find a more complete gym experience than Canyon Ranch on the Las Vegas strip. Scheduled classes include everything from Vinyasa yoga and pilates to indoor cycling and X-treme bootcamp. Throw in a climbing wall, and you could easily make this a workout vacation in Las Vegas.

When you’re done working out, step into the spa and help your body relax with a steam or a refreshing experiential rain shower. You can even work with an exercise physiologist to focus your energy on the priorities that you feel are important. From basic fitness to finding your fitness age, they have thought of everything at Canyon Ranch Spa.

Cosmopolitan Resort Fitness Center

Abandon the cool factor that comes with the Cosmopolitan Resort and engage every muscle in your body at Sweat 60 at the Cosmopolitan Fitness Center. Circuit training, high-intensity work, and just good old fashioned sweat are all combined in a fun workout that can become addicting. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has two state-of-the-art fitness centers, one in each tower. The Chelsea Fitness Tower boasts tennis courts and a movement studio along with all of the typical equipment that you are accustomed to using at a high-end spa. Personal training sessions can be scheduled with a certified fitness trainer and there is a tennis pro on staff to help you with your tennis game.

Qua Spa at Caesars Palace

The Qua Spa at Caesars Palace Las Vegas is often the recipient of awards and accolades for being among the best in town. It’s certainly quite the complex! You can expect a completely outfitted workout facility with the most up to date equipment on the market. It is not forever simple to muster up the energy you need to do all the things that need to be performed each day. Especially if you have don’t get a best night’s sleep or you have been overworking yourself. That is why many people look for that extra energy improve that they get from the best energy drink with caffeine. To cool down afterward, try out the arctic ice room or indulge in a full-blown experience like the Signature Mojave Rain where Native American rituals work to alleviate the aches that come from a strenuous workout.

Getting a Workout at the Bellagio

The door to the fitness center is in such close proximity to the world’s largest chocolate fountain that you’ll need some serious willpower when you decide to workout at Bellagio Las Vegas. That is not to say that you won’t do it—after all, with so many great cheating options at Bellagio, your visit to a fitness center will be necessary. Choose from Pilates classes that work on total body health to a ballet inspired course that helps with your long lost dance moves. Try a high-intensity spin class or get a taste of Bellagio boot camp to kick-start your new workout resolution. Yoga is also available as well as in-room fitness options. Bellagio Spa also offers 90-minute wellness sessions aimed at tailoring a personal fitness plan specifically for you. Their personal trainers offer personal and group training sessions as well as power plate training sessions.