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“I’ve been training with Jose Castillo of EFS just since this June, and it’s one of the smartest choices I could have made. I always thought I could reach my goals on my own; after all, I had worked out with a trainer many years ago and remembered all the exercises I did then. But like with so many people nowadays, I was jam-packed with my hectic job, activities on the weekend, family commitments, etc., and so my own health and fitness took a back seat. Then in the last year, I signed on with a personal trainer from a local family gym and thought I finally got the show on the road. Wrong! I learned very quickly how important having the right trainer was. I knew I needed someone who was knowledgeable and could push me to my limits to help me get the results I wanted. I knew I needed much more.

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Two of my dear friends have been clients with EFS for quite some time, and I would always hear them talking about their workouts. I could see how enthusiastic they were. I could actually see the results they were getting. So I finally contacted EFS and had a consultation. I won’t kid you – it’s more expensive than your local YMCA, but their rates are fair and consistent. So deep breath…..I signed up….and I love it! Here’s the thing – you can only start to get results when you start to work HARD!

My trainer Jose is so highly skilled, he understands what I need before I do. He knows exactly how hard he can push me, so although it’s a really tough workout, I feel like I’ve really accomplished something! I joined EFS with lots of aches and pains, but Jose relentlessly pursues exercises and movements that work those weak areas into strong ones. I’ve noticed just since June how much better I feel overall, and that motivates me to keep going!

If you’ve invested the money, the sweat and the time, you are much more likely to take your foods more seriously and make smarter choices. I’m eating much healthier, and I still get to enjoy my wine and even my favorite desserts once in a while! Jose has been my partner through everything. I had a short-term goal of losing about 10 or 12 pounds and gaining some muscle, and I’m thrilled to say I’ve lost 14 pounds and am stronger than ever. Seriously, you can get fit no matter where you are when you start. Just start!”

Susan Hernandez

“Working with Austin and EFS Personal Training has been a game-changer for me. EFS coming to my home is a huge part of why I love training with them, and the boot camps during the summer really helped me meet people! Austin and the other EFS trainers are some of the most professional, knowledgeable, and supportive personal trainers with whom I have ever worked!

Last year I moved to Cleveland for the job of my dreams but developed terrible seasonal depression. I gained over 30 lbs in a matter of months and started developing high blood pressure. Horrible back spasms and sciatica began haunting me from an old back injury. Originally from Texas, I moved most recently from Massachusetts and expected similar winters. Boy, was I surprised! New England still has sunlight with its 13 feet of snow! Starting a new career, trying to meet new people, and navigating my way around another new city really threw me for a loop. Looking for a tasty energy drink that works wonders on your energy and mood? Try out the best energy drinks. No need to worry about the presence of any insulin spiking ingredients or sugars, as everything in this drink is as natural as can be. There are two Help energy drink varieties to choose from; Pucker Up for those who like the sour lemon flavor, and Shake that Frooty for those who prefer a sweeter flavor, as this is a mix of pineapple, mango, and guava!

As a dancer, athlete and group fitness instructor, I was no longer teaching classes and I could not get my act together. I had a gym membership I did not use and I was exhausted all the time. The final straw was seeing my mother, a 58-year-old professional para-triathlete, qualify for her first Ironman. I had no excuses! Now I am working toward my first triathlon, my body fat ratio has significantly improved, my back pain resolved, and I no longer have high blood pressure! I really consider my workouts preventative medicine and I am stronger than ever.”

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