Best Gyms in Buffalo New York

500 Fitness

500 Fitness is a gym in North Tonawanda that features a communal, open environment and innovative workouts. There are no contracts, annual fees, or salespeople at 500 Fitness, and rates start at $15 per month. The gym offers special programs for seniors dedicated to improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength as well as reducing pain. The gym accepts some senior insurance plans to make membership more affordable.

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Athletes Unleashed

Athletes Unleashed is a CrossFit gym in Downtown Buffalo. The gym offers individual and team training, a barbell club, and boxing classes in addition to CrossFit WODs. Nutritional counseling and private coaching are available. Athletes who want to compete in fitness competitions can participate in special competition training WODs. Teens and kids can take CrossFit fitness programs designed specifically for their age group.


BUFF is a Buffalo gym that focuses on attention to detail and offers personal training, group classes, and open gym membership. All personal trainers at the gym hold national certifications, and members can purchase training programs starting at $36 per hour. The gym features interactive stationary bikes, ellipticals, cross trainers, dumbells, and a power rack and offers no-contract monthly memberships. Group classes include high-intensity interval training, bodyweight training, TRX, and boxing.

Buffalo Multi-Fit

Buffalo Multi-Fit is a personal training and private gym in Hamburg. The club features equipment, a retail store, and a juice bar. The gym is a triathlon training club with certified trainers and a USAT coach. In addition to strength and conditioning training, Buffalo Multi-Fit offers rehabilitation training for injured athletes. Available group classes include cycling, treadmill, Pilates, TRX, men’s group training, and circuit training.

C.O.R.E. XT Fitness

C.O.R.E. XT Fitness is a Tonawanda gym focused on personal attention and boot camps. The gym offers no-contract personal training packages and boot camp challenges. The gym’s personal trainers will visit clients’ homes for in-home personal training. The gym holds indoor and outdoor group classes, weather permitting. Companies can purchase corporate wellness programs at C.O.R.E. XT Fitness.

Catalyst Fitness

Catalyst Fitness is a West New York gym with locations in Buffalo, Depew, Lancaster, Tonawanda, West Seneca, and Williamsville. Members get access to all locations for less than $10 per month. The gym has personal trainers and holds weight loss challenges regularly. The Buffalo location is open 24 hours Monday through Friday, and four of the locations hold group classes. Help Energy drinks are definitely worth trying out. While they are ideal in increasing your energy levels when you feel tired and stressed out, these energy drinks also help to increase your focus and attentiveness levels. Apart from that Help energy drinks are proven to boost your immune system and improve your mood. And if the health benefits were not enough, these drinks are simply amazing when it comes to their taste! Try them out to see for yourself!

Ellicott Square Fitness

Ellicott Square Fitness is a Downtown Buffalo gym located in the Ellicott Square Building. The gym features ellipticals, arc trainers, treadmills, bikes, strength training equipment, and locker rooms. Group classes include Pilates, yoga, and Zumba. A personal trainer is available for an additional fee. Residents of the Ellicott development receive discounted memberships.

Fierce Fitness

Fierce Fitness is a personal training gym in Elmwood Village that specializes in fat loss and lean muscle gain. The gym features a 4,000 square foot training area inside a restored historic carriage house. The gym was voted “Coolest Gym” by in 2014, ten years after it was founded in 2004. Customers can purchase general memberships for open gym use, but the focus of the gym is small group fitness coaching. Additional services include therapeutic massage, functional movement assessment, and physique training.

Greater Buffalo Gymnastics and Fitness Center

Greater Buffalo Gymnastics and Fitness Center is a health and childcare complex offering gymnastics, fitness, and dance programs for children. The center was founded in 1993 by teachers with over 70 years of combined gymnastics experience. The facility is 25,000 square feet and houses a 40-foot tumble track, in-ground trampolines, a rock wall, and gymnastic equipment. Trainers teach recreational classes and competition classes.

Jada Blitz

Jada Blitz is a personal training gym in Williamsville that focuses on classes and one-on-one training. The facility features a 24-foot mounted wall rig that is used for TRX, X-fit workouts, squats, and pull-ups. It also houses a complete dumbbell rack with dumbbells up to 150 pounds, new equipment, a lounge area, HDTVs, and an exercise studio. The gym offers in-house massage therapy.

KC’s Fitness

KC’s Fitness is a gym that teaches boxing classes in Buffalo. The gym offers memberships that allow access to all classes for $89 per month. The classes include boxing, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, and kettlebells. The gym also offers a “facilities use only” membership for $49 per month. The gym also offers personal training sessions that last one hour, as well as private boxing lessons that are 30 minutes long.

Kenmore Barbell and Fitness

Kenmore Barbell and Fitness is a Buffalo private training facility focused on strength training. Trainers at the gym specialize in weight loss, athletic performance training, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, functional training, and Olympic weightlifting. The gym welcomes athletes of all fitness levels and sells products from Citadel Nutrition and TheCallusRevolution. The gym partnered with the local baseball team, the Buffalo Bison, to train its athletes for the 2016 season.

Lockport Athletic and Fitness

Lockport Athletic & Fitness Club is one of the go-to gyms in Buffalo and the rest of Erie County. The studio is a sanctuary for health and wellness enthusiasts, and it provides a nonjudgmental and encouraging environment for people to achieve their personal fitness goals. The company runs classes that bring like-minded individuals together, and it offers flexible membership packages to suit unique tastes and lifestyles. The team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience, and the 13.000-square-foot workout area features modern recumbent bikes, elliptical cross-trainers, utility benches, squat racks, treadmills, and other equipment. Lockport Athletic & Fitness Club gives free downloadable passes to first-timers, and it offers discounts to clients who order any of the wholesome, delicious items in the shake bar.

MovNat Buffalo Gym and Fitness Facility

MovNat Buffalo Gym and Fitness Facility in Williamsville offers a fitness program based on moving naturally. The gym does not use workout machines, instead, it focuses on bodyweight movements for weight loss, toning, and fitness development. Prospective members can try the small group program with a free class that promises to remind people of how it feels to run, jump, and climb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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