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Things to do in Louisville Kentucky

Actually Cool Things to Do in Louisville

So, you’ve got guests coming to visit you in Louisville for the first time. You know it’s going to be your job to entertain them, take them to the best restaurants in town, buy ’em a drink at one of our many fine drinking establishments, treat them to a solid brunch, and show them of all the sights Louisville has to offer. Or hey, maybe you’re just looking for something new to do. To be a tourist in your own town and get out of your comfort zone. Check into the best energy drink to keep you awake and going to experience all these amazing historical things to see.

But where do you start?

Fortunately, we have you covered. We’ve rounded up the best places to hear live music, go dancing, dine, imbibe, and so much more. Some are classic, some are obscure, but we promise you’ll definitely have a good time.

Walk the Big Four Bridge

Few things are more Louisville than taking a stroll across the Big Four Bridge. What was previously an eyesore is now one of the coolest places in town. It happened when Indiana and Kentucky got together and decided to make it a bona fide attraction. Enjoy gentle strains of music being piped in, take in the views, and relax on one of the many benches. And since you’re going that way, why not explore Downtown Jeffersonville when you get to the other side? Lots there to shop, eat and drink.

Have a picnic on the waterfront

Anytime you head Downtown during lunchtime, you’ll find workers strolling by the river or hanging out on benches. On a nice day, it’s the perfect place for a casual lunch. Take your crew here during a weekday, and you’ll find a slew of food trucks near the Humana Waterside building, just steps from the Mighty Ohio. There are also a couple of sandwich places nearby, or you can simply bring sandwiches from home. Spread out a blanket and enjoy the sight of barges creeping down river as you dine.

Visit Louisville’s brandy distillery

When you visit Kentucky, you get off the plane expecting to see bourbon everywhere, and you absolutely will (there’s literally a bourbon bar at the airport). But Louisville has another gem of a distillery called Copper & Kings American Brandy Company, and it’s as cool a facility as you’ll find. Take a tour, taste the brandy, and when you’re done, hit the new rooftop pub, Alex&nder for amazing views of the city.

Cool off with ice cream at Comfy Cow

When out and about in The ’Ville, it’s almost expected that at some point you’ll stop off at Comfy Cow for a cone or a cup. Hit up the Clifton location — just look for the big pink building — and sample flavors like Cookie Monster Dough, Bourbon Pecan Pie, Summer Lovin’ and Blueberry Cheesecake. Not sure what to order (there are a lot of choices)? Ask for as many samples as you want.

Zip line at Louisville Mega Cavern

You go on vacation, you see zip lines. And Louisville is no different. Except here, the best ones are underground… in a giant cavern. Take a two-and-a-half hour tour through the man-made cavern, which contains more than 17 miles of underground passageways. It’s surely a new way to experience the “best view in town.”

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Hit an Arcade Bar

Louisville has a couple of great places to drink whilst gaming. Start out in the east end of the county in Jeffersontown’s Recbar, which not only has a full bar and restaurant, but more than 40 arcade games and more than 30 pinball machines. In Germantown, Zanzabar is the spot with a collection of rare pinball machines, not to mention a music venue, plus pub grub and all the booze you can drink. Bring lots of quarters.

Check out a Downtown brewery tour

Louisville doesn’t have the brewery scene that, say, Asheville or Portland does, but it’s getting there. And in the relatively short space between Downtown and Clifton, you’ve got access to as many as seven breweries — several of which are walking distance from each other. Start at Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse, then make your way east to Goodwood Brewing, Akasha Brewing Co., Apocalypse Brew Works, Falls City Brewing Co., Gravely Brewing Co. and Mile Wide Beer Co. We also have Uber, so you know, call them.

Go wild at Louisville Zoo

The Louisville Zoo isn’t just for kids. You can take a train tour, you can ride a carousel, you can even visit a really old cemetery (if you’re into that), and if you’re feeling like having a more adult zoo experience, you can also grab some beer… which will make it even more fun when the polar bear wrestles with that steel barrel.

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