Corona Virus Pandemic Media

Corona Virus Pandemic Media

Are Politicians worth your time?
Do you feel like they repeat themselves over and over?

Help Energy says you need to stay energetic!  Go out there and get your antibodies, they are FREE.

We are seeing a bunch of BS meaning false information coming out now.
The govt induced repression will stop if everyone stops being sissies and gets out to work, I’m licking and kissing my dirty Corona CASH every day and still alive and well-kicking butt. Grow some you know MEN (FREEDOM is created by men stepping up, not acting like a woman) – go outside eat some dirt, rip the sign that says u can’t walk on this side of the road.

The vaccine the govt is trying to push on all citizens is getting out of control. Bill Gates-backed COVID 19 pandemic exercise in October 2019.
Understand the issues involved with power and control. The government will always look to seek control if you tolerate it.

Freedom is something that is more important than anything in the world. Here, with Help energy drink we are always looking to promote people to contribute to others. Stay high energy during this process of elimination and inability to work. Get the good vibes you need from us here at Liquid HELP. See more information here

Interview Topic took place:

Everyone joining us from around the globe thank you for being part of day 2 of our special series Ted connects this week we’re bringing you interviews from some of the world’s most significant lines over tools for us to navigate through and bribe in these really uncertain times find anything to Rogers heads current affairs to reader and I’ll be one of your posts for today’s event yesterday we kicked off the series with an interview from a cleaned psychologist Susan David who offered us some tips on how to really be oh vessels in these trying times and it is switch gears little bit today from thinking about our own personal mental held to the state of our global public health systems thank you I guess we have a pretty exciting guest to introduce all the other side of the country as bring in Bill Gates though they say the the lesson of people are the less you have to venture them so it’s great to have you here out how you doing lying to serve unprecedented really disconcerting time for everyone on with things being shut down not knowing exactly how long it’s going to last worrying about the health of all the people I care about it on what you that I get connect up with the video conferencing using teams a lot so the in a foundation us stepping up and there’s a lot of great people trying to help with this crisis but it it’s scary for everyone. Bill gates financed the entire meeting on the pandemic, then comes out with a vaccine that is already made?

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