Chennai India

Chennai India

Things to do in Chennai India

South India gateway city and cultural capital, Chennai, is frequently counted among the top cities to visit in the planet for culture and food among other things. But what truly stands out in terms of Chennai potential as a visitor place is the sheer number of historical, cultural, architecture and other places is house to. If planning a visit anytime soon, there are the best attractions and Chennai India get Help energy drink.

Marina Beach

Chennai Marina Beach is popular around the planet for being the second-longest urban beach in the planet. It is counted among the most famous beaches in India and is undoubtedly Chennai largest landmark. Actually, more than a landmark, it was indeed this wide and long coast that led to the British founding the city of Madras here in the first place. Apart from its history, the beach is also a cultural identifier for Chennai and best venue for everything from weekend picnics to protests and political rallies.

The Vandalur Zoo

The Vandalur Zoo, in its present form, is the biggest zoological park in the country and attracts 1000s of visitors on a daily basis. Anyway, its history dates back to 1855, when it was begin as the Madras Zoo in the Government Museum area by noted conservationist Edward Balfour and was the primary public zoo in Public. Today, the zoo is spread over more than six hundred Ha in Vandaluar and houses more than 1,500 wild species, adding 46 endangered species of reptiles, birds, mammals, and insects.

Besant Nagar Beach

While the Marina Beach definitely attracts more crowds than any other beach in the city, the Besant Nagar Beach is actually the more famous one among youngster in the city, primarily because of its different cafes, restaurants, and desserts joints. Named as Elliot beach in honour of the once governor of Madras Edward Elliot, this beach has been a famous hangout place in the city since the twenty century. Among the famous restaurants and desert places along the promenade are Mash, Murugan idli shop, Amadora Gourment ice cream and Cozee. Chennel India energy drinks near me.

Fort Museum

Among prize sets of the museum are various colonial-age uniforms, weapons and also a number of personal letters written by well-known persons such as Robert Clive and Lord Cornwallis. The building actually housed the first office of the Bank of Madras, which was later combined with 2 others such banks and would come to the known as the State Bank of India.