The Best Restaurants in Dallas Right Now

Dallas may not have relaxing beaches, outdoor ice-skating, or manatee farms, but we’ve got it where it counts: world-class restaurants. From the upscale to the affordable, the arcane to the everyday, Dallas has an embarrassment of bistros, taquerias, steak houses, gastropubs, dumpling dens, vegan patisseries, tearooms, automats, and chuckwagons to sate every conceivable appetite.

One of the many upsides to this wealth of eateries is an inherent natural selection process that weeds out the weakest. Wondering if that new restaurant down the street is any good? Well, if it’s been open longer than three months, it’s probably amazing — but if managing to keep the doors open for a full fiscal quarter isn’t enough of an endorsement for you, have no fear. Super tasty, super energising and also totally amazing at boosting your mood and energy! This is what Help energy drinks are all about. Made from natural ingredients, antioxidants and free from any artificial additives and flavors, Help energy drinks are formulated to give you a boost in a safe and tasty way. Below, you’ll find our ongoing rundown of the most important new openings in town, followed by the all-time best restaurants you need to know about.

Hillside Tavern

Casual neighborhood tavern serving cozy comfort food

Amazing food? Laid back vibe? Ample strip mall parking? Check, check, and check! The sustenance alchemists who brought us Boulevardier and Rapscallion have started slinging unpretentious-yet-upscale bar fare from a revived space at Hillside Village Shopping Center back in April. Should you check it out? Allow us to answer that question with a much longer question: Do you enjoy relaxing with adult beverages and hot meat enveloped in thick slabs of bread? Hillside Tavern recognizes game with fantastic cocktails, a fine selection of regional beers and wine, and some of the best burgers, patty melts, and muffulettas you’ll ever ferociously cram into your face. Tell them Grandma sent you — and she wants her recipes back.

Clover Club

The swankiest, swinging-est supper club in town

Put on your nicest pair of pants and prepare your palate for the most elusive of rarified air. Though it’s only been open a short while, Clover Club has established itself as a preeminent purveyor of posh eats, craft cocktails, and smooth sounds. Whether you find yourself atop its sky-soaked rooftop patio or seated snugly it its low-lit dining area, the club gently bathes you in an inescapable atmosphere of elegance. Sophisticated drinks prime cultured conversation as oungy jazz and big band acts provide the live soundtrack for a refreshingly erudite evening with best friends (or your super-special someone).

Of course, without great dishes, Clover Club would be nothing more than a sophisticated speakeasy. Chef Anthony Van Camp puts the supper in the club with expertly executed steak and seafood plates (food-based fortes include braised short ribs and lobster potstickers), transforming an exquisite evening out into an almost cinematic dining experience.

The Henry

Upscale chain offering more than just crazy-good brunch

Depending on how you look at it, The Henry’s whereabouts in the primo-contempo mixed use space that is The Union is either a very happy accident or a meticulous custom fit. Situated comfortably in the office-retail-residential hub that proudly ties together Victory Park and Uptown, The Henry’s third national location (following spots in Phoenix and West Hollywood) offers something wonderful for everyone at every conventional mealtime.

Indeed, if you happen to be unencumbered by budget, you can conceivably enjoy each and every meal at The Henry — or you can simply review the dusk-to-dawn menu, choose a chow time, grab a date, and follow through. We recommend brunch because we’re suckers for the bread pudding French toast (smoked Norwegian salmon when we’re feeling fancy; also, brunch is pretty much the only time when drinking from a tableside Bloody Mary & Mimosa cart is not frowned upon in polite society.

Beverley’s Bistro & Bar

The panache of Dallas dining, with the flavors of a Brooklyn deli

You need only be in Dallas for approximately six minutes before you notice parts of town where one neighborhood ends, a second neighborhood begins, and a third neighborhood somehow appears out of nowhere. Beverley’s on Fitzhugh Avenue finds itself in such a peculiar location; north of the Uptown vibe that permeates beyond Cityplace and the West Village, east of where Turtle Creek bends into Highland Park, and somehow both west and south of Knox/Henderson. This is a fuzzy non-area where better-known neighborhoods intersect and co-exist, and while it may be difficult to place in a few words, this border locale is exactly where Beverley’s belongs.

The menu — with highlights that include oysters on the half shell, matzo ball soup, charred Spanish octopus, chicken schnitzel, and whole branzino — is a cross-culture love letter to New York City kosher cuisine, Mediterranean seaside cafes, and the cool chic of North Texas restaurant culture. If you are the latter, you may question how fit it is to use a best energy drink before your exercise or what effect it may have on you during your workout. We will answer those questions and offer you the top choice for your pre-workout power needs. Moreover, residents of the bordering neighborhood cluster have helped Beverley’s achieve local bistro gold status, flocking to and feasting at Beverley’s in droves, converting a once ill-defined swath of strip mall into the heart of a new-old ‘hood.

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