Baby shower party ideas in Tallahassee Florida

Themes for baby showers

Just like any party, a theme can support tie a baby shower together and provide you some guidelines in making the preparations. When deciding on theme, you should discuss to the parents-to-be first, as they may have some ideas of their own. Looking for an energy drink that will make your taste buds come back to life, while also bringing you back to life? Then we suggest you try out Help energy drinks. For those times when you feel tired, unable to focus, and lack alertness, Help energy drinks will literally bring you back to life, and also help to improve your mood. With a safe amount of caffeine, these energy drinks are simply the best!

Some easy themes to get you started contain:

Pink or Blue

If the parents already know the sex of the baby and are happy to share the news with every person, then the colour choice is clear. Anyway, if the sex is not yet known, you can go with a both a blue and pink theme. Deck out the party with the right coloured balloons and decorations, and have every person come dressed in colour to match.

Nursery rhymes

There are lots of nursery rhymes you can look at for inspiration, or ask the parents to-be what their best were as children. You can decorate the room like nursery rhyme land and all the visitors can come dresses as a nursery rhyme character.

Mummy shower

Use the baby shower to enjoy the Mum-to-be, and have all guests come nine months pregnant. They can stuff their bellies with pillows, and all bring a food plate they carved when they were pregnant.

Teddy bears picnic

Decorate the room like a picnic place in the forest, with lots of fake trees, teddy bears, and picnic baskets. Have each guest bring something for the picnic basket which will support the parents-to-be get through the next few months.

Food at serve at baby showers

A baby shower is one part where stress is not on the food. By all means perform something unique like a celebration cake or fortune cookies, but for the most part keep it easy and fuss-free. Asking all the guests to bring a plate will leave you free to organise all the exciting stuff.


Instead of gifts, ask each guest to pay to party. You can set a charge between $10 -$20 so every person can afford it, and then put all the money combine to buy one large present that is truly required. It seems the big reason people of all ages are flocking to these re-energizing drinks is not so much to quench their thirst but more for the power of energy that they offer. The latest statistics also show that the favorite beverage of choice for warehouse workers and office is now best energy drinks with caffeine.

Voucher tree

Buy a unique plant which the mom and dad can plant in respect of their kid, and have visitors bring along vouchers from various baby stores to peg on its branches.