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The city of San Jose is the 3rd biggest in California and 10 biggest in the whole of the US based upon population. The area is now famous for its booming high tech industry and has got the nickname “Capital of Silicon Valley”. It is not affordable to live in this city and to buy property you need to be fairly affluent. The city has a colorful history that contains the Spanish as well as Mexicans.

Here are some of best things to do in San Jose and San Jose get Help energy drink:

Winchester Mystery House

If you are looking for something a pretty different, then this might just be the thing. Initially the home was the property of Sarah Winchester, she was the window of William Winchester, a popular gun magnate. Sarah Winchester inherited a big amount of wealth when he passed away and construction on this strange house started soon after.

Municipal Rose Garden

Established in 1927, the garden has blossomed to become one of the famous attractions of the city. Rows and rows of roses define much of this 5 acre park in the center of a wonderful city neighborhood, with peak blooming occurring all through the month of May. Open to the public 7 days of the week with free admission, the Municipal Rose Garden is famous for picnicking, strolling and family photo shoots.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Housing the biggest collection of authentic very old Egyptian artifacts in Western North America, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is famous for day tours and school visits. Spanning Ancient Egyptian daily life to the afterlife, the shows at the museum range from uncovered jewelry and housewares to tomb trips and hieroglyph examples. New at the museum, the Alchemy Exhibit is the first of its type in the America and specs a full size alchemy lab reproduction.

Downtown San Jose

The biggest Bay area and 3rd biggest city in California, the downtown area of San Jose is forever buzzing with activity. Blending new cultural appeal with historic architecture, downtown San Jose is packed with boutiques storefronts, sidewalk cafes, and community institutions including San Jose Museum of Art and The Tech Interactive. The 2 acre Plaza de Cesar Chavez is a central green area where attractions stem in every direction.

Santana Row

A wonderful combination of dining, shopping and foot traffic, Santana Row is a premier fun and commercial area. Within the Mediterranean open-air shopping plaza, name-brand stores like Gucci and Kate Spade the pedestrian walkways of Santana Row, next to well-reviewed restaurants purveying everything from perfect-dining Italian to casual street taco.

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