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Reno has been known as the biggest little city in the planet, and is generally described as a little version of Las Vegas, its much bigger brother to the southeast. Placed in northwestern Nevada close to the California state line, Reno is, anyway, the second largest city in the state. Boasting more than 5 million visitors a year, Reno provides a big range of fun and an educational attractions, many of which are perfect for families.

Here are the best things to do in Reno Nevada and Reno Nevada get Help energy drink:

National Automobile Museum

Car followers will want to be sure to visit the National Automobile Museum. This museum -based on a private set that actually held 1,450 vehicles – is house to some two-hundred vehicles and is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a visit to Reno, with every item from vintage vehicles right through to new vehicles.

Animal Ark

Animal Ark, just outside Reno, is a remarkable location for animal and families lovers. This wildlife sanctuary and its dedicated staff help non-releasable wildlife survive in an amazing rural setting. While the Ark targets mainly on the rehabilitation and rescue of North American predators, several exotic species have found sanctuary at the Ark as well. The animal set is pretty diverse, ranging from cheetahs and tortoises to wolves and bears. The organization hosts tens of thousands of visitors each year for educational chances on topics related to the rescued wildlife and the ecological principals governing their habitat.

Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

Placed in a charmingly designed building, the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts provides an eclectic choice of fun choices ranging from expert opera and ballet performances to rock concerts. It is a best sized venue, capable of holding audiences of up to 1,500 people and is the biggest such facility in northern Nevada, boasting a remarkable hundred plus events and a yearly turn-out of more than 100,000 visitors.

Reno Air Races

The National Championship Air Races, also called as the Reno Air Races, are a 50 year old September traditional that take off from the Reno-Stead Airport just a few miles city north. The race specs remarkable multi-aircraft races over 3 to 8 mile courses. Racing planes range from World War 2 aircraft all the way to new jets and everything in between, many of them home-built.

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