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The city of Portland is the biggest in the state of Oregon. At the starting of the twenty-century the city was known to be one of the most dangerous port cities in the planet with organized crime and racketeering being common location. This status is now in the past and the city has been voted as the eight most famous city in America.

Here are best things to do in Portland Oregon and Portland Oregon get Help energy drink:

Oregon Museum of industry and science

The museum was initially hosted in businessman Ralph Lloyds house. He had the primary planetarium in the Northwest which added a show that lasted 20 minutes. As time went by the museum became more and more famous that was being used for the museum was set to be demolished. Four hundred volunteers became involved in the project and the new museum opened in 1958.

Washington Park

Washington Park is a big space of land that covers more than 410 acres of Land. The park is house to many of Portland premier attractions including children museum, zoo, Japanese Gardens and an arboretum. For visitors that do not want to spend time at an attraction there are playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts and big area of green land or wild forest to explore.

Oregon Zoo

The most popular attraction in Oregon is most definitely Oregon Zoo. Oregon Zoo primary opened in 1888 when a private collector of animals decided to donate them to the Portland city. There are about 1,955 animals to view in the zoo ranging across thirty-two species. Twenty-one of the species live in the zoo are either threatened or endangered and each one is on a breeding program to try and help make sure their survival.

Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion is sat in the hills to the Portland west and it is a charming home that is absolutely value a visit. The mansion was built in 1909 as the house of Henry Pittock and his wife. The mansion has forty-eight rooms and sits within forty-six acres of land. The property is now owned by the Oregon city. The mansion was opened to the public in 1965 and about 80,000 people visit each year. The property sits at one-thousand feet above sea level making it remarkable for bird watching.

Rose Test Garden

The Rose Test Garden in Portland Washington was founded in 1917 and is the oldest continuously run public rose test garden in the America. Developing new rose varieties and even miniatures, the grounds are divided into different sections with many amazing plants and areas to explore.

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