Palm Beach Energy Drink

Palm Beach Energy Drink

Palm Beach Florida

The Town of Palm Beach is an incorporated town in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. The Intracoastal Waterway separates it from several neighboring cities including West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. As of 2010, Palm Beach had a year-round population of 8,348. In 2018, Bloomberg ranked Palm Beach as the 27th-wealthiest place in the United States.


Prior to being established as a resort by Henry Morrison Flagler, who made the Atlantic coast barrier island accessible via his Florida East Coast Railway, Palm Beach was a sparsely populated part of Lake Worth. The nucleus of the community was established by Flagler’s two luxury resort hotels, the Royal Poinciana Hotel and The Breakers Hotel. West Palm Beach was built across Lake Worth as a service town and has become a major city in its own right.

Flagler’s house lots were bought by the beneficiaries of the Gilded Age, and in 1902 Flagler himself built a Beaux-Arts mansion, Whitehall, designed by the New York-based firm Carrère and Hastings and helped establish the Palm Beach winter “season” by constantly entertaining.

The town was incorporated on 17 April 1911.

An area known as the Styx housed the people who built up the island. Workers rented small houses from the landowners. In the early 1900s, the landowners agreed to evict all of the residents of the Styx (who moved to West Palm Beach, Florida) and Edward R. Bradley bought up much of this land. The houses were razed, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.


The wreck of the Providencia is credited with giving Palm Beach its famous name. Providencia was traveling from Havana to Cádiz, Spain with a cargo of coconuts harvested on the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad & Tobago, when the ship wrecked near Palm Beach. Many of the coconuts naturalized or were planted along the Palm Beach coast. A lush grove of palm trees soon grew on what would later be named Palm Beach.

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Palm Beach is the easternmost town in Florida, located on an 18-mile (29 km) long barrier island between Lake Worth Lagoon on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. At no point is the island wider than three-quarters of a mile (1.2 km), and in places it is only 500 feet (150 m) wide.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 10.4 square miles (27 square kilometres). 3.9 square miles (10 square kilometres) of it is land and 6.5 square miles (17 square kilometres) of it is water. The total area is 62.45% water.


According to the Köppen climate classification Palm Beach has a tropical savanna climate with hot, humid summers and warm, dry winters.

The wet season is from May to October when convective thunderstorms and tropical downpours are common, and weak tropical lows pass nearby. Average high temperatures in Palm Beach are 87 to 93 °F (31 to 34 °C) with lows of 76 to 82 ºF (25 to 28 ºC). During this period, more than half of the summer days bring occasional afternoon thunderstorms and seabreezes that somewhat cool the rest of the day.

The winter brings dry, sunny, and much less humid weather. Average high temperatures of 76 to 83 °F (24 to 28 °C) and lows of 67 to 73 °F (19 to 23 °C), and is considered the main tourist season in the Palm Beach area. Occasionally highs drop below 70 ºF while at other times high temperatures occasionally reach 90 ºF in mid winter. In some years, the dry season can become quite dry, and water restrictions are imposed.

The annual average precipitation is 65 in (1,700 mm), most of which occurs during the summer season from May through October. In the wet summer season, short-lived heavy afternoon thunderstorms are common. Palm Beach reports more than 2,900 hours of sunshine annually. Although rare, tropical cyclones can impact Palm Beach, with the last direct hit in 1928.