Few celebrations are happier than a baby shower. The parents-to-be are both little nervous and excited about the future, grandparents who know what’s coming cannot wait for the big day, and visitors can simply happy to share in the joy.

If you have accepted the task of planning a baby shower, or baby shower party ideas in New Orleans Louisiana.

Ideas for picking a theme in New Orleans Louisiana

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Baby book theme

This is a best theme for baby shower. When inviting guests, ask them to bring their best baby book with them as a gift for the mommy to be. Visitors can also write a message to the baby inside the book. When decorating, you can set the table like a bed. Get a colorful and bright sheet and use it a tablecloth and use matching pillow cases as placemats. You can also beautify the table with binkies and animals that the mommy to be will get to take home with her for the new baby.

Shinning baby shower theme

This is one of my best baby shower themes. The target of this theme is all about bling. Diamonds are just only a girl’s best friend but a baby’s top friend. Decorate the table with sparkles and jewels. You can even glue glitter or rhinestones onto the tableware. Serve sparkling cider and little cookies and sandwiches cut in the shape of diamonds.

Tasty food theme

What excellent way to pamper the mom to be than with her tasty foods? The menu will be the target of this baby shower theme. Visitors can indulge in a big range of comfort foods like cheese and mac, pasta, panini and grilled sandwiches, fondue and pasta salad, or an ice cream sundae bar for dessert. You can also have guests to recipe trade of all of their tasty comfort foods. Whether you are squeezing in a morning exercise or going straight from the office to the gym, you are probably looking for a pretty jolt of energy before you exercise. Some may reach for a pre-workout supplement and others might hit up the closest gas station for the Best energy drink.

Tea and biscuit party theme

Tea parties are a very famous choice for baby showers in Orleans Louisiana. You can pick to host the shower at either a domestic tea house in your home. Inviting guests to the shower with tea themed invitations. You can find a ton of perfect invitations online you can decide to make them yourself. For the menu, it would be excellent to serve a big range of finger foods or tea cookies or mini sandwiches. Definitely, no tea party is complete without tea!