Madurai India

Madurai India

Things to do in Madurai India

Madurai, the 3rd biggest city in Tamil Nadu and one of the state best places, dates to 300 BC and has remained a big center for Tamil learning and culture. The city is generally referred to as the Athens of the East because of its similar architectural style, adding many alleyways. During the heyday of its history, when the Nayak dynasty ruled, many important buildings and temples were constructed. These days, Madurai attracts pilgrims and visitors in equal numbers. Here are some of things to do in Madura and Madurai India get Help energy drink:

Madurai Nayak dynasty

Madurai Nayak dynasty ruled over a big chunk of present day Tami Nadu for over two-hundred year until 1736. Thirumala Nayak Palace was built by one of the most famous 17th century Madurai Nayak Kings, Thirumalai Nayak, in 1636. The palace complex is an amalgamation of Rajput and Dravidian styles of architecture and trusted to have been at least 4 times bigger. Today, it is under the protection of Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department.

Gandhi Memorial Museum

Mahatma Gandhi is the national father of India, who is loved and respected all through the planet for his lessons on non-violence and integration of communities. His word have motivated many battles against imperialism across the countries. The Gandhi Memorial Museum provides a glimpse into the life and work of the amazing man. It celebrates his war against untouchability and the various non-violence movements he organised and led for swaraj – self governance. From English imperialists.

Chithirai festival

The yearly temple festival of Mennakshi Amman Temple is famous Chithirai Thiruvizha, when the celestial marriage of Meenakshi and Sundereshwara is celebrated. The festival takes place in Chithirai (April-May) month from the initial day of the Tamil New Year. Millions congregate across the country to take part in this twelve day extravaganza.

Madurai Maqbara

Madurai Maqbara, the dargah of Madurai Hazrats who were the followers of Prophet Muhammad, is placed within the Kazimar Periya Pallivasal mosque. The land for the mosque was gifted to Kazi Syed Tajuddin, a follower of the prophet, who came from Yemen in the thirteen century. Since then, almost all of his followers have lived in the same locality, Kazimar Street, for more than seven-hundred years, and managed the mosque.

Jil Jil Jigarthanda

A glass of Jil Jil Jigarthanda, the Madurai unique cool drink, can chill and calm your full system from head to toe after a warm day and rejuvenate you. The preparation involves mixing sugar, chilled milk, andnannari syrup.

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