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Long Beach, California is a city of about half a million people in LA County, directly south of Downtown Los Angeles.

Long Beach is top famous for its urban waterfront attractions, like the Aquarium of the pacific and Queen Mary, but despite being the 6th biggest city in California, it has little town, provincial feel, with bike-friendly streets, artist collectives and active neighborhood associations.

Here are some of the best attractions of Long Beach California and Long Beach get Help energy drink:

Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a luxury Ocean liner that is now docked in the LBC. The ship is rumored to be haunted and provides daily trips as well as nighttime ghost trips for those who are not afraid of the dark. Overnight stays are accessible in the ships staterooms, and package that contain breakfast, a trip, or a Catalina Island excursion are also bookable.

Bluff Park

Bluff Park is near to twelve acres and sits on the edge of the little, upscale Buff neighborhood. Said to have a best aura by frequent visitors, the park sits on the rim of the pacific and is favored by joggers, walkers and all groups enjoying the outdoors. Bluff Park provides free daily yoga, jogging paths, and is even packed with telescopes for all to take a peak further onto the horizon.

Shoreline Village

This dining, shopping and entertainment place is a must-view while you are in Long Beach. Nestled right along the charming harbor, the Village provides the best setting for a romantic sunset walk or a family bike ride down the coastal bike path. Pick from the many stores and restaurants where you can savor fresh seafood or find the best souvenir.

Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific is placed on Rainbow Harbor in Downtown Long Beach and has over 13,000 pacific coast creatures including puffins, sea otters, penguins, seals , and sea lions.

The lorikeet forest is a very famous exhibit, and guests are given the chance to feed the colorful, cute birds. Visitors also have the chance to touch a moon jelly, a nurse shark, or stingray, if you dare.

Naples Island

Naples Island is comprised of 3 islands in Alamitos Bay in Long Beach. When most people discuss about visiting Naples island, they are referring to the inner island, which is accessible by vehicle. The island has a walkway that takes visitors past million-dollar mansions, grand yachts, and wonderful bridges, creating a sweet setting for a sunset walk.

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