Planning a baby shower for someone special and need wonderful baby shower centerpieces? The baby shower centerpiece can be an important component of the full decorations so it is a best idea to think what will work best for your shower, then built the rest of your decoration around a charming shower centerpiece.

Here are best baby shower party ideas in Fayetteville North Carolina that you can customize based on color scheme, theme, and full layout of the baby shower:

Basket of baby goodies

A bowl or basket filled with baby items like baby bottles, pacifiers, socks, bibs, rattles is a remarkable centerpiece for a baby shower. You can set this up ahead of time with items from the guest of honors registry. You can also have each guest bring a pretty sometime to put into the basket and watch it grow during the shower. Then, the mom-to-be will have a best basket of baby goodies and necessities to bring home with her! Help energy drinks are your healthy option to boost your energy levels on those days when it reaches a low. With natural flavors that are as refreshing and tasty as can be, Help energy drinks contain only 300mg of caffeine, which will manage to work wonders on your energy levels as well as on your mood. The drinks are carbonated and they have a refreshing taste, either of a mixture of pineapple, guava and mangos, or else, a lemon flavour. Both varieties are simply great!


A banquet of flower is a best idea for a baby shower centerpiece. The wonderful arrangement and new aroma will quickly brighten up the room. Arrangements can be custom made to be as extravagant or simple as you would like for the shower. If you are planning to have several tables, use beautiful bud vases with brightly colored flowers to offer the decor an added pop.

Diaper cake

This centerpiece idea for baby shower is both practice for a mother-to-be and is a charming addition for any shower. Guests are forever astounded by the multiple tiers of the cake and its stylish decorations of flowers and ribbons.

Cozy blankets

Snuggling up in a hot, cozy blanket will be one of your newborn best things to do. Register for a few different textures and sizes to have on hand.

Crib mobile

An attractive crib mobile makes babies happy. From shinning lights to happy melodies, a crib mobile is an essential item for the nursery.

Bath time essentials

What is more fun than bath time? Kid will love to get clean in his/her own baby tub, full of hot soapy water. Items like head-to-toe wash, bath toys, shampoo, and fuzzy hooded towels will make for a more pleasant bath time experience. While they are used best energy drink by some for supporting to increase their performance and stamina at sport or for the long day or night ahead at work, others find that they support to rejuvenate spend energy.


Your new baby will spend more time than you think in relax pillow. From relaxing to feeding, the special shape is best for little ones.