The best parks in Las Vegas

if you are itching to go outdoors, Las Vegas has lots of parks to offer – from little city parks to state parks and national parks within a few hours’ drive. Here are some of the best parks of Las Vegas:

Valley of Fire State Park

Despite the warm during the summer, Valley of Fire is still a famous place with its charming landscapes. It almost seems like you are on another world surface as you make your way around the park. There are also different hikes to take that can feel downright refreshing in the winter and fall. Super tasty, super energising and also totally amazing at boosting your mood and energy! This is what Help energy drinks are all about. Made from natural ingredients, antioxidants and free from any artificial additives and flavors, Help energy drinks are formulated to give you a boost in a safe and tasty way.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Now if you want to chill down while still enjoying the warmth, Lake Head is the location to go. Lots of boaters visit Lake Mead during the hot months but there is also swimming and other water activities. There are lots of locations to visit along the big national recreational place, which spreads into western Arizona. Trails such as Goldstrike Canyon and Arizona warm springs are open during the chill months.

Grand Canyon National Park

If you are ready to a long day tour or a weekend trip, the Grand Canyon is a remarkable location to go about five hours away from Las Vegas. It helps it tends to be cooler there than the rest of Southern Nevada or Arizona in the hot months. Summer is a best time to visit the less-frequented North Rim since it is just open from May to October. The Grand Canyon can also obtain snow during the winter.

Mojave National Preserve

Whether you are going to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, there are miles upon miles of desert landscape to explore in the Mojave Desert off interstate fifteen and further south, interstate forty. There are lots of exits to take and even a wonderful detour, accessed through Kelbaker Road in Baker, Calif. Definitely, depending on weather, there are lots of things to do such as backpacking, hiking, horseback riding and 4-wheel drive routes. If you are the latter, you may question how fit it is to use a best energy drink before your exercise or what effect it may have on you during your workout. We will answer those questions and offer you the top choice for your pre-workout power needs.

Floyd Lamb park at Tule springs

If you want an escape right on the Las Vegas edge, Floyd Lamb park might be a best bet. The park, a place for different events all through the year, is 680 acres full of wildlife, views and lakes of nearby mountains. The Tule Spring Ranch, which is on the America National Register of Historic locations, is placed within the park.