Best coffee places in Seattle Washington

Seattle’s Best Craft Coffee Shops

If working your way through all the best/most fun things to do in the city is exhausting you, it’s probably time for a caffeine jolt. Good thing Seattle is pretty famous for that. Of course, you could easily visit the mega-chains, but why do that in a city known for our classic shops and semi-underground coffee cart scene?

Whether you need a place to duck in from the weather or are simply looking for a warm spot to enjoy some of the best coffee you’ll ever have, we have you covered with Seattle’s most unbeatable coffee shops. And because reading this will automatically make you a coffee connoisseur, pop on over to our rundown of the best roasters in the U.S. and learn even more. Looking for an energy drink that will make your taste buds come back to life, while also bringing you back to life? Then we suggest you try out Help energy drinks. For those times when you feel tired, unable to focus, and lack alertness, Help energy drinks will literally bring you back to life, and also help to improve your mood. With a safe amount of caffeine, these energy drinks are simply the best! See more information here

Elm Coffee Roasters

Blonde wood and big windows frame this trendy, open space in beautiful natural light. But even the just-twee-enough modern decor can’t outshine the impeccably sourced beans roasted in-house here. Espresso is their strong suit, and the carefully pulled shots go perfectly with pastries from neighboring London Plane.

La Marzocco

A distillation of Seattle in coffee and music

More immersive coffee museum and shrine than a simple cafe, this shop serves as the showroom for the Italian espresso machine company of the same name. Space displays coffee history while creating the coffee future through its rotating roaster program. Each month, a new roaster from around the world takes up residence, serving as a cafe-within-a-cafe. The experience brings in beans, techniques, and coffee knowledge from around the world. And the soundtrack isn’t bad either — it’s located inside the studios of Seattle’s world-renowned KEXP radio station.

Slate Coffee

Bring your patience to Slate and you’ll be rewarded with the perfect coffee for you. Knowledgeable baristas will ask you questions about your preferences until they can line you up with just the right cup — or perhaps a tasting flight if you’re all about variety.

Preserve and Gather

Shining with simplicity

There’s no Wi-Fi and no frills at this sparse but stunning Greenwood shop. The focus instead, as the name implies, is upon the people and preserves within. Specifically, the carefully gathered vendors and equipment — Conduit coffee, Sea Wolf bread, a toddy cold-brew system — pair with the house-made jams and marmalades for the peaceful and pleasant cafe. It’s the kind of place that encourages you to start the day with a conversation, not an internet connection.

Seattle Coffee Works

A historic location pouring out modern coffee

Send your tourists to the original Starbucks to snap a few photos, but if they want to see the forefront of today’s coffee scene, send them here, just up the street. For those looking only for a quick pick-me-up, there’s the usual coffee bar, but for those wanting to learn more, watch a variety of brewing methods, or have an in-depth discussion about beans, there’s the other side — the Slow Bar. Don’t miss it.

Broadcast Coffee

Catering to everyone’s needs (and doing it well)

A modern update of the classic coffee shop, Broadcast delivers everything you need in a caffeine spot with style, smarts, and its own roasts — plus other favorites. It’s got big, clean, air-conditioned spaces with Wi-Fi (perfect for working alone or meeting up with groups) and staff who know what they’re talking about when it comes to everything from pour-over to espresso.

Tougo Coffee Co.

Sips that tell a story at one of Seattle’s oldest shops

Opened in 2007, it clocks in as one of the oldest of the hardcore coffee-nerd shops (also one of the least snobby), and that age shows inexperience. Down-to-earth baristas understand every nuance of every bean and brewing method and are happy to share that expertise with customers — but they also read a customer well and know when to just hand over a cup of their best brew without much more than a smile.

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Fulcrum Cafe

Cutting-edge coffee and mixed coffee drinks

When this SoDo roaster opened the shop on Sixth, it channeled its seven years of coffee expertise, tasting, and teaching into the most coffee-forward cafe experience it could. That includes featuring some of their most interesting beans — like the ones from the Yunnan province of China — and also getting creative with their drinks. Sure, in the wide-windowed space you’ll find perfectly-crafted pour-overs, but also drinks like the nimbus: chilled espresso with mulled-apple-rosehip-cascara syrup and orange zest, shaken and charged with nitrogen for foaminess.

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