Best coffee places in Phoenix Arizona

You Need to Try All of Phoenix’s Best Coffee Shops

You never have to travel too far in Phoenix to find coffee. But if you’re looking for the best spots around town, you might have to do some digging. Luckily, our coffee scene is pretty on-point, with several places doling out delicious cups in various forms (hot, iced, cold brew, etc.). From the old-school coffeehouses with delicious hot coffee to newer establishments adding in some extra flair (translation: alcohol), the Phoenix coffee scene appears to know no bounds. So if you’re really looking for that good cup — and not just that place you quickly stop by on your way to the office — check out these local shops.

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Peixoto Coffee

With ample offerings of direct-trade specialty coffees and house-made syrups, this Chandler favorite offers a true crop-to-cup experience. The shop operates on a supply of Brazilian beans direct from a family-run South American coffee farm, offering specialty beans like Guji Hambela, Natsu Ruz, Red Catuai, and the 2016 Cup of Excellence finalist, Yellow Catucai. Peixoto takes a non-traditional approach to a happy hour with the Affogato Bar, which operates every day from 3 pm to close. Here, coffee and gelato lovers can create their own sweet drinks with a base of nitro, matcha, espresso, or chai, and add toppings like cocoa nibs, toasted coconut shavings, or cookie crumbles.


This Artists’ District hangout is open 24 hours on the weekends and until midnight during the week, which means you can get your caffeine fix just about whenever it hits. Jobot uses beans from local roaster Cartel, and doesn’t just deal in decaf and espresso; feel free to peruse the menu and get your fill of those famous crepes or tacos to go along with your coffee.

Sip Coffee & Beer House

Looking to spice up that java? Sip Coffee and Beer House have partnered with local roastery Cartel to bring coffee drinkers something a little different. Get your espresso or coffee infused with a little liquor by ordering off the specialty craft cocktail menu (think: espresso martini, Irish coffee, Hot Tipsy Toddy made with Cartel cold brew). Of course, it’s probably best to wait until after work to try one of those but fear not: Sip’s baristas also brew regular coffee to order, even for those who have to have coffee made via Chemex, AeroPress, or French press. If you’re not into the alcoholic coffee selection, this place offers more than a dozen craft beers on tap from breweries like Barrio Brewing, Papago, and Dragoon, and has 100 bottles to choose from on any given day.


Neighbor to the iconic Joe’s Real BBQ in Gilbert’s historic Heritage District, this place has been slinging coffee out of a cozy, rustic cottage since 2009. It has one of the most beautiful outdoor patios in the Valley — filled with chirping birds, green succulents, garden gnomes, and brightly colored furniture — and specializes in custom roasting and blending. In fact, Bergies actually works with a variety of farms from Central America to Africa, which makes for an authentic, aromatic brew.


Scottsdale’s newest (and only) Porsche-inspired coffee shop offers a wide selection in the 600sqft space it calls home. Owner Nico Samaras decided to open after spending most of his time collecting and restoring classic cars, transforming an old garage (outfitted with wooden floors and framed artwork) into Fourtillfour. To provide quality java, he brought in beans from San Francisco’s Four Barrel Coffee. Today, the cafe offers featured espresso drinks and cold brew, as well as other specialty selections. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, this place hosts occasional meetups for Porsche lovers.

Cartel Coffee Lab

Tempe’s favorite coffeehouse has a longstanding reputation as one of the best in the Valley. It has a solid hold on the specialty coffee trade, roasting half a dozen varieties of single-origin beans out of this flagship spot. Today, there are six locations spread across the Valley — and let’s not forget about Tucson — all of which hold kegs of cold brew and every killer fixin’ that comes with a top-notch coffee shop.

Songbird Coffee & Tea House

This Roosevelt Row favorite certainly knows how to keep things local. The coffee is sourced from Tempe’s Cortez Coffee, while the loose-leaf tea comes from Tucson’s very own Maya Tea Company. Stop by and take your pick of some notable drink favorites (recommendations: single-origin pour-over, nitro cold brew, macchiato, matcha tea, Thai iced tea, and the espresso spritz with agave and sparkling water), and do NOT skip over the pastries, s’ mores, or macarons.

Infusion Coffee & Tea

This independently owned and operated Tempe tea room and coffee bar is brewing 12 different single-origin coffees with unlimited combos, including craft drinks like draft cold brew or the Bourbon Barrel Burundi (yes, that’s coffee aged in a bourbon barrel). Added bonus: coffee heads can learn the basics of brewing and roasting at Infusion’s International Barista & Coffee Academy. Some of the Best Energy Drink notable advantages contain increased productivity, less drowsiness, and improved focus for longer stints. Like most things, sometimes you must try it and view how it works for you. Because of the range of choice in the marketplace you will have to keep going until you find the one that jobs for you.

Press Coffee

This award-winning stop is one of the Valley’s leading specialty coffee roasters. By roasting its own selection of specialty coffees in small batches — including a variety of direct trade-imported beans from Peru, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Brazil — the roastery ensures high consistency and quality for every cup. This place also makes the language of coffee easy to interpret (whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just a newbie) by offering cupping classes, roastery tours, and brewing guides.