Best coffee places in Boston Massachusetts

The best coffee shops in Boston to try right now

Brewing hot and cold perfection, these coffee shops in Boston are ideal for quiet relaxation or doing work outside the office

While it might not match up to the likes of San Francisco, Seattle or NYC, Boston still offers a top-tier coffee scene. A solid cup is never far away, and multiple cafés provide an inviting atmosphere in which to hang with friends or catch up on work. Visit the area’s top coffeeshops and you might come across oversized couches, weekly trivia nights, or even the occasional pool table. The best coffee shops in Boston provide city dwellers with the caffeine fix they need after spending a night at the best cocktail bars, best craft beer bars in Boston, or best clubs in Boston. And at The Hub’s most exceptional coffee shops, you’ll find lovingly-sourced coffees, prepped on machines that cost more than a car.

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George Howell Coffee

Between the expansive seating, subway tiles, and overall sophistication of the space, you’re forgiven for thinking you’ve walked into a bistro. Industry veteran George Howell has quite the resume, and his outlet inside the Godfrey Hotel provides an excellent spot for focusing on the beans of his labor. There’s a massive marble bar, two espresso machines, coffee education classes, a retail corner for purchasing brewing equipment and beans, and a menu of upscale treats. But the coffee drinks still reign supreme, including specialty drinks like The Original (a frozen blend of coffee, milk and sugar).

1369 Coffee House

In many ways, this is the grand dame of Cambridge’s many coffeehouses. The venue simultaneously introduced Cantabrigians to great coffee and a great coffeehouse scene; suddenly it was okay to savor a latte over a chapter book, or to sip your third cup while toiling over an early-era MacBook. And the cozy, narrow, neighborly Inman Square institution has actually managed to thrive in the Starbucks era, even opening a second branch in Central Square.

Thinking Cup

Among an unending sea of cafés serving drip-coffee in styrofoam, it’s refreshing to sip a rich pour-over out of a stout ceramic mug. By serving Stumptown coffee, Thinking Cup is the best choice if you’re within spitting distance of the Boston Common. Keep an eye on the expert baristas as they produce Instagram-worthy lattes.


Helmed by a husband-and-wife team that roast their own beans, this homey Coolidge Corner enclave is known for attentive service, a spotless atmosphere and premium blends. 4A stamps their beans with the exact roasting date, so you know just how fresh they are. There are no tables, but you can pick up an espresso to go—the drinks produced by 4A’s rare Slayer machine taste as rich as you’d expect from something that costs $18,000.

Render Coffee

The second-floor South End cafe is a sanctum for caffeinated locals reluctant to give up their seats. Coffee is the first and primary order of business here, with beans sourced from local roasters and transformed into Americanos, cortados and cold brews. Nab a table by one of the windows in the back room cupola; if you’re lucky, a chair on the shaded patio will eventually open up.

3 Little Figs

This tiny coffee shop lures you in with scratch-made goodies like muffins, scones and cookies, plus kind customer service and a small menu of salads and sandwiches. But it’s the cafe’s devotion to top-level barista work that is its biggest attraction. All of the espresso drinks are made with carefully selected beans (often from New England roasters) and farm-sourced dairy; the foam art alone will make you a regular.


barismo appeals to aficionados. This lab-style coffeebar offers little space to linger—but the reason most patrons come in is the fresh coffee, brewed one cup at a time. The company prides itself on its transparent sourcing, and its attention to detail during the roasting and brewing processes. The engaging baristas are experts at their craft and usually eager to talk shop. For any person looking for best energy drinks like Help energy drink are a remarkable substitute to coffee or other caffeinated beverages. Some people even consider energy drinks their big source of vitality during a hectic day and helps them to stay targeted and attentive to the demands upon their time, energy and body.

Blue Bottle Coffee

In-the-know students and coffee fanatics head to Harvard Square for a taste of San Francisco’s famed Blue Bottle Coffee. Loyal customers enjoy coffee drinks made-to-order from freshly roasted, mostly organic beans. Iced coffee fans are well-served, as Blue Bottle is renowned for its New Orleans-style preparation, fortified with chicory. The minimalist environs place the spotlight on the baristas in action.