Best coffee places in Beverly Hills California

The best coffee shops in Beverly Hills

Splurge a little on lates, shots of espresso and black cups of the good stuff at the best coffee shops in Beverly Hills

Looking for the perfect cup of joe? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tourist headed to a Hollywood tour or a native working on a script, a solid coffee shop is a must. Here, we’ve rounded up the best places in Beverly Hills for a cold-brew, latte, espresso or whatever gets your heart palpitating. And while the closest thing you will find to free Wi-Fi in this nabe is a nearby hotel lobby, you can still find a gourmet brew at these top coffee shops.

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Enter this 7,500-square-foot space and you’ll feel like you’re walking through a shiny new hotel lobby. The Nespresso coffee “boutique,” as they like to call it in 90210, is the largest flagship store in the US. With several seating areas and even a hostess stand, space is perfect for all occasions—whether you’re going solo, on a date or with a large group. Sit at the high-top tables and order hot or cold espresso drinks, venture to the bar area for a tasting of 21 “Grand Cru” coffees, or cozy up on a couch for one of nine “Iconic Creations”. On warmer days, the 16-seat alfresco patio is the place to be. While coffee—espresso, specifically—is king here, the fancy-pants shop features a full menu (think: breakfast items, salads, soups, sandwiches, and desserts) plus wine and other beverages. On almost every visit you will find someone sipping a large glass of a creamy, chocolaty coffee drink topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings—this is the must-order Espresso Milkshake. The best part? The back wall showcases colorful stacks of Nespresso coffee pods and machines so that you can replicate your experience at home. And if you need to brush up on your coffee-making skills, sign up for the shop’s coffee mixology classes.

Euro Caffe

Head to this tiny Italy-inspired coffee shop on a weekday morning and you’ll find older Italian men in suits sipping on strong macchiatos. Amidst blue interiors covered in kitschy soccer scarves and signed memorabilia, order coffee drinks brewed using their customized blend straight from Genoa, Italy (nearby restaurants and shops also serve the Euro Caffe blend). If you ever needed a getaway without getting away, head to this kitschy shop for a shot of espresso paired with Italian pastries, paninis, salads and more. The reads here are even in Italian—newspapers and magazines include foreign titles such as Chi, Oggi, and Italian Vogue.

Bouchon Bakery

Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery has planted itself in Los Angeles with a posh 90210 address (there are locations in Napa Valley and New York City as well). The tiny storefront offers traditional French pastries and viennoiseries from buttery croissants to delicate and elegant tarts on the first floor of Bouchon Bistro. Try the iced lattes or the coffee shop’s cold-brew drinks to pair with your sweets.


Calling all sweet tooths! Head to this iconic Beverly Hills chocolate shop and cafe for artisanal confections and Stumptown coffee. The chocolates, a perfect pair to your latte or cold-brew, are flown in directly from Switzerland. Pull up a chair at one of the few tables outside and enjoy a full menu featuring baked goods from Brentwood’s Farmshop and Rockenwagner bakery. Must-try here are the hot chocolate and mocha drinks, made using Teuscher chocolates. The shop, which opened in 1983, is family-owned and run, and while fancy (and expensive) chocolate draws in a tourist crowd, you’ll find a mix of tourists and locals crowding the shop’s coffee window for their caffeine fix.


Orange is the new black—coffee. that is—at this bright cafe featuring an orange motif throughout. Brewing Equator coffee, this charming shop offers a full lunch menu—order the kale salad and chicken panini—and even delivers locally via bike messenger. That goes for the coffee, too: If you can’t walk over to pick up your lunch or morning caffeine fix, get your java delivered to you—it is Beverly Hills, after all. The drink menu features major pick-me-ups including the Cubano, which has four shots of espresso and brown sugar, or the slightly milder Gibraltar (think of it as a Cortado) with two shots of espresso and a dash of steamed milk. And if you’re craving something sweet—order the hot chocolate or mocha, made with gourmet TCHO chocolate. If there was ever a need to wake up in the morning, this spot is your go-to. The amazing thing about Best energy drink is that they change radically in taste, nutritional value and strength. Most of this information you can find on the packaging of the drink itself.

Ed’s Coffee Shop

Amid Robertson’s beautiful people and posh boutiques is Ed’s Coffee Shop, a neighborhood standby for more than 50 years. The West Hollywood diner is still owned by the same family—now run by Ed’s daughter—and where locals drop in for their short-order breakfast and lunch.