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Anthony Fauci states that interactions regarding the vaccines and the interventions that were talking about, and it’s important because of his about something that I said yesterday. Whenever you put the clamps down and shut things down you do it for reasons to do it to prevent the further spread is because mitigation but I also do it to buy yourself time to get better prepared for it might be remapped it may be a rebound that we get things really under control. Then you pull back which ultimately going to have to do everybody in the world and have to do that to either in a get a rebound or it might cycle into the next season. Hence, what are we going to do to be parasols for that 1 of the most important things is one that I mentioned several times from this podium and that is to clarify a bit about the timeline for vaccines and with that have any real impact on what we would call the rebound will you call cycling in the season certainly for sure of acceding is not can help us now next month among the after but as it mentioned to you we went into a phase 1 trial and age I keep referring to when vaccine there’s more than 1 is a couple of handfuls of back scenes at different stages of development. The energy drink from Liquid Help stated that his information is important to look into. Th reason being is that vaccines must go through several trials and may do more damage than good initially. The money that Fauci is making indirectly from this is enormous. The energy drink company stated it is most important to keep energy levels up and move around, do not just sit in the house quarantined without and social interaction as this will decrease the immune system and ultimately one’s health. A great risk of getting infected the reason you do that because you want to make sure that it’s safe and the next thing you do with that takes about 3 months easily maybe more so that’s gonna bring his into the beginning or middle of the summer then you go to a face to trial or what we say to 3 which needs when a pro lot of people in there now we hope that there are and a lot of people getting infected but it is likely there will be somewhere in the world without going on so it’s likely that we will get what’s called an efficacy signal and we will know whether or not it all works if in fact it does we hope to rush it to be able to have some impact on of the recycling in the next season and like I said that could be a year to year and a have on that changing any of the dates that I mentioned but one of the things that we are going to do that you need to understand that has been a stumbling block for previous development of back scenes and that is even before you know something works at risk you have to stop producing it because once you know it works ugc great good works now give me another 6 months to produce it so when working with a variety of companies to take that risk we didn’t take it would seeker that’s why you know we have a my Sars vaccine but we don’t ever have to do it because there’s no Zeke around same with sars so that’s 1 of the things we’re really going to push on is to be able to have it ready if in fact it works now the issue of safety something that I want to make sure the
Anthony Fauci on vaccine – click here to see more. American public understand it’s not only safety when you inject somebody and they get maybe in a doc tragic reaction they get a little allergic reaction to get pain be a safety associated does the vaccine make you worse and there are diseases in which you vaccinate someone they get infected with what you’re trying to protect it with and you actually in the hands the infection you can get a good feel for that in animal models so that’s going to be into spiders at the same time that when testing going to try make sure we don’t have enhancement is the worst possible thing you could do is vaccinate somebody to prevent infection and actually make them worse next and violently with regard how gaga to to question finally with regard to their obese I mean we keep getting asked about their pieces a whole menu of their bees that are going to clinical trial as I’ve told you all that I repeated again the best way to get the best drug as quickly as possible is to do a randomized controlled trial so that you know is it safe and is defective if it’s not effective get off the board and go to the next thing if it is affective get it out to the people that need it so you gonna be hearing over the next month or more about different drugs that are gonna go into these randomized controlled trials and I feel comfort in knowing about what this virus is and what we can do with it that we will have some sort of therapy that give at least a partial if not a very effective. See more information here

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