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Nurses Job Details

A nursing career is very rewarding profession with top growth prospects. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, registered nurses employment is guessed to grow sixty percent by 2024. Registered nurses play a vital role in promoting health and wellness and help better the standard of life in the community. There are a best chances in the healthcare industry for those who are considering the RN career including high salaries, security and best advancement potential.

What do registered nurses do?

Registered nurses offer different services depending on their areas of specialization and their work atmosphere. They offer care for the patients as well as helping physicians in providing treatment to patients in different medical settings. In general, a registered nurse work description contains recording, monitoring and reporting symptoms or changes in patients situations. Also, they are tasked with maintaining right patients reports and medical histories, administering drug and treatment to patients and observing responses or bad effects. Registered nurses also, do diagnostic tests, supervise less professional licensed or certified nurses, prepare patients for treatment and examination. Finally, they suggest patients and their families on different situations and any other duty that may be added in a registered nurse work description.

How much do nurses make

Registered nurses who job at hospitals make $63,000 a year, on average. Those who pick to work at nursing homes or with a home healthcare service make approximately $58,000. That is quite best money, right? We hate to be cheesy, but the true reward is the feeling you will get by supporting those who need you.

Educational requirements

If you want to be a nurse, you have a best bit of education in your future. Seriously, do you want someone doing a tracheal intubation on you if they do not know what you are performing?

The 2 most general ways to become a registered nurse are to get a bachelor of science degree in nursing (BSN) OR ADN. A BSN takes about4 years to complete at a university or college. An ADN program at a community or junior college takes about 2 to 3 years. After finishing one of these programs you will have to pass an exam given by your domestic licensing board.

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The future of nurse jobs

According to BLS, job chances for nurses are rising at an excellent than average pace. Job prospects will be the top for nurses who pick to work in doctors’ offices. They also project that there will be powerful chances accessible in nursing and assisted living houses, mainly as the baby boomers age.

Nurse Energy Drink Discount