Liquid Help Energy Drink donates their energy drinks to Cuban Protesters

Thousands of Cuban protesters took to the roads in a wave of demonstrations in Havana and at least fourteen other cities all though the Communist island, demanding an end to the six-decade-old dictatorship and protesting the lack of Covid-19 vaccines and food.

We’re not afraid!

We’re not afraid!

Protesters shouted as they marched through the streets and roads now, videos posted on Social Media websites showed. Freedom! Freedom!

The protests are first-time in a Cuba with very tight police control and surveillance on dissidents, analysts say. In an address recently, the Cuban President blamed the demonstrations on the US, which he said seeks to strangle the county and bring about a social explosion financially.

Revolutionizes to the roads, he stated, asking GOVT supporters to rally support and take back all control. The order for the fight has given, he said.

The Biden Administration stated it was highly concerned by the GOVT’s response.

We stand with Cuban’s right for the peaceful assembly, and we call for calm and highly condemn any violence, Stated Julie Chung, the State Department’s Senior Official.

Demonstrators showed proper determination. Some gathered in front of the communist party building and chanting Cuba is not yours!!!

At first, Police did not support or arrest the protesters, but videos upload later showed Police crackdown on a demonstrator. One more video showed Cuban protestors throwing stones at a police vehicle as it sped off. A 3rd showed 2 overturned police vehicles on roads in Havana.

The armed civilians and military have taken over the roads and streets, independent journalist Abraham Jimenez wrote in his Tweet. I saw several people beaten and arrested.

The protesters come as the country’s economy contracted 11 percent last year. The Covid-19 pandemic slammed the island, and its significant tourism sector collapsed as a result. Remittance that several Cuban people rely on also feels massive.

Amid a problematic currency shortage, people must stand for a couple of hours in line to purchase basic things such as break or chicken or even take a bus. The island is also growingly plagued by hour-long extended electricity blackouts. In recent times, Covid-19 infections have surged, according to Cuban officials, throwing the island’s vaunted health sector into crisis.

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