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Fort Lauderdale is a sweet mix of amazing scenery, dynamic attractions, and kid-friendly activities, and will appeal to families, couples and solo travelers alike.

The area is studded with remarkable beaches as well as lazy canals, and you can walk along the promenade at the beachfront and take in some of the best views in the areas.

As you would expect in hot Florida, the weather means that there are a big range of outdoor attractions here are one of the top things to do is wander around the city at your leisure.

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens

The housed to be known as the Bartlett Estate and is built in the plantation style.

The house once belonged to Frederic Clay Bartlett and was named after his wife Bonnet Lily, even though now it has been changed into a museum and art gallery that is packed with the family’s private set of paintings.

As well as home itself, you can enjoy the surrounding gardens are divided into different places such as a tropical garden, desert garden, and a hibiscus garden.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach lies at the heart of the visitor place in Fort Lauderdale. Once famous for spring break madness, when 1000s of college students descended on the beach, the Fort Lauderdale beach place is now more sedate but still an amusing stretch of sand. The beach is backed by a pedestrian walk and different restaurants, hotels, and shops which line the street running alongside the beach. In the streets that lead away from the beach visitors can still find little motels and hotels.

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas Boulevard spreads from downtown Fort Lauderdale along New River to Las Olas Beach, overlooking the yachts and mansions of the intercoastal waterway. There are lots of visitor attractions and things to do along the boulevard, from touring museum and art galleries to shopping at more than hundred specialty boutiques. This is a famous spot for dining as well, packed with bistros and waterside cafes.

Museum of Science And Discovery

The Museum of science and discovery is house to real and rotating exhibits and programs that will entertain and educate the full family. You can meet dinosaurs and look at true fossils in the Prehistoric Florida exhibit or explore current day Florida ecosystems, including a look at one of the biggest coral reefs on display. Both the storm center and the Wall of Wind explore hurricanes and their effect on all parts of life. Amazing experiences contains the Everglades Airboat adventure and a big range of nature and spec films at the IMAX theater.

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